Bepanah Pyaar 31st October 2019 Written Episode Update

Raghbir is teary eyed and his hands shake badly as he reaches out for the white cloth. Pragati calls out to him just then. He looks at her in shock. Pragati asks him why he is crying. You should be happy. You should celebrate! She repeats his harsh words – our relation is over. I don’t care if you die or live! Why are you pretending to be in pain then? You did not kill me but you let me fall from the railing. You did not want me to live! You are very lucky. You are getting double chances of doing your wife’s chautha. She looks at the dead body sadly. See how I am lying lifeless here. Make me wear my bridal dress. Please put my favourite flowers too! We both died after all. There was one Pragati and one Baani. The story ends with their deaths! You are responsible for both the deaths. Go and

celebrate now as I wont come back ever again, not even in your memories! She disappears. Raghbir looks around in shock, pain. He breaks down.

Harshit is in disbelief. Pragati is no more? Kunti confirms. The biggest obstacle is out of our life now! She would have returned to this house if she had been alive. Now I will rule the house. I will make Raghbir dance on my tunes. He offers to be her minister. I have already started using investors’ money. We will get hold of the other assets soon. He asks her why she dint inform the family. She reasons that Raghbir would need a shoulder to cry on when he will bring Pragati’s dead body with him. He will think he has no one else but Badi Ma to turn to. Harshit smiles. He couldn’t come out of her lie and now he has to face the news of her death! They both laugh evilly.

Raghbir returns home. Priya asks him why he is crying. You are hurt and bleeding. What happened to you? Did you find Bhabhi? Where is she? Raghbir says I found her and lost her. He sits down on the floor. She asks him again gently. Where is Bhabhi? He replies that he has killed her. She refuses to believe him. Tell me the truth. He repeats his words and starts slapping himself. Priya tries to stop him but in vain. She calls out to everyone.

Gopi and Nakul return just then. All the other family members also gather around Raghbir. Priya says Bhai is saying he has killed Bhabhi. Raghbir repeats it. Pragati is no more. Nakul tells him not to say so. Where did you go? Kunti asks him about the phone call. Raghbir tells them everything. Flashback shows him removing the cloth from the dead body. He tells Inspector Chautala it isn’t Pragati. She had no such mark around her neck. Inspector Chautala apologizes to him. Raghbir scolds him. Inspector Chautala shares that someone (Sahas) had come to report about Pragati. He dint leave his contact details. I recognized Pragati and called you thinking it must be her. I am sorry. Flashback ends. Kunti says it is good that it isn’t Pragati. Priya asks Raghbir why he is saying that he has killed Bhabhi. Raghbir says I have indeed killed her. She cannot be found anywhere. Someone filed a missing complaint for her. I was so rude to her. She is very stubborn. Will she really do something like that? Kunti denies. Devraj tells Raghbir that he ran to the station after hearing that Pragati is no more. You think she is a liar and has played with your feelings. Forget her then! you can either love or hate someone at one point of time. Decide what you want to! Kunti hugs Raghbir as he cries his heart out.

In her room, Kunti is miffed thinking how Pragati is refusing to die. Raghbir is unable to get over her. Harshit tells her to relax. Raghbir is too lost in his own world. We will take advantage of his situation. She pours water on his face. This was to wake you up. Our game will be finished if Pragati returns to this house. I have to rule this house so I will play some dirty politics!

Raghbir is crying in his room thinking how rude he has been with Pragati lately. Sad song plays in the background. Light goes. He hears the sound of anklet, lights a candle and heads downstairs. I know it’s you. I know you are here! She calls out his name. He asks her to come in front of him. Don’t trouble me please. Doorbell rings. He takes her name as he opens the door but finds a letter at the doorstep. It is an invitation of Pragati’s death ceremony. His hands start shaking. He shouts Pragati’s name and cries. His family members come there hearing his scream. Nakul reads it and is stunned. Aditi takes it. It is Pragati’s death ceremony’s invitation card! She shows it to Kunti. She pretends to be shocked. Pragati flashes in front of everyone’s eyes. Kunti shows fake concern towards Raghbir. I know it is a bad news but who will handle Raghbir if we will break down. She repeats it to Raghbir that Pragati is no more. Raghbir is sitting there blankly. She hugs him but he shows no emotions or pain. He quietly walks away. Pragati’s words (in the police station) haunt him.

Precap: Raghbir runs to the pyre and shouts Pragati’s name. He is pushing away the logs when Pragati holds his hand. Everyone is stunned to see her.