Bhagya Lakshmi 24th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Preetam telling Neelam that Lakshmi is not answering his call. Neelam says no problem, we will wait. Rano comes there and asks what are they doing here? Preetam takes her to room to talk. Rishi tells Vishal that he will go. Vishal asks what happened, your concentration was somewhere else, if you are fine? Rishi says see you tomorrow. Vishal Mehra is taking Lakshmi with him. Rishi turns. Someone collides with Lakshmi and some papers fall from the file. Rishi picks some papers and gives to Vishal Mehra. Lakshmi senses his presence, while Rishi is walking out. Vishal Mehra asks her to come.

Preetam asks what she was doing? Rano warns him. Preetam asks what did you do? Rano says I had gone to their house and slapped divorce papers on their face. Preetam says I will tell them that Lakshmi don’t want this. Rano says the papers were signed by Lakshmi and says she doesn’t want to stay with them. Preetam thinks he can’t believe. Vishal Mehra asks Lakshmi to see the room where they store all the files. He asks her to close the main door and says I will clean one rack, and you have to clean all the racks. Lakshmi closes the door. He asks her to climb on the stairs and get the books from above the rack. Lakshmi climbs on the rack. She loses her balance and falls on him. She says sorry, and asks if he is hurt? He says he is hurt on his hand and on his heart. Lakshmi asks what is this misbehavior? He asks her not to do drama, else she will not get the job. Lakshmi shouts for help. Rishi is about to sit in the car and stops hearing her. Lakshmi warns Vishal Mehra not to touch her. Vishal Mehra touches her and says you shall cheer up my mood. Lakshmi shouts for help and cries. He says you are having sindoor, no problem. Lakshmi says if you tell this to your mother and sister, and says I am of my husband with heart and body, and says he is in my destiny by God. Vishal says I will get 50 boxes of sindoor and will not let your husband know, that we enjoyed. Lakshmi recalls Balwinder misbehaving with her and pushes him.

Vishal calls Rishi and says first your mood was off, now you left your file. He says I will send it to your home. Rishi is driving the car and calls him back, says he will come back to take it. Vishal says ok. He thinks what am I doing, if I want to go back for Lakshmi and thinks he doesn’t know what he wants, and thinks file is an excuse, I want to see if Lakshmi is still there.

Lakshmi asks Vishal Mehra not to come near her and says a woman can take Chandi’s avatar and is not weak. Vishal Mehra tries to get closer to her. She pushes the stair on him and goes out of the room. Vishal Mehra says if you open your mouth then I will ruin your career and nobody will give you job. Lakshmi shouts for help and tries to inform. Vishal Mehra comes there and tells that Lakshmi insisted to get the job and tried to get closer to him. lakshmi tells the truth that he tried to misbehave with her, and was talking cheaply. She says he told that he will ruin my career and asks Meeta to call the Police. Other employee whispers to another that Vishal is a bad guy and says the girl is trapped. Vishal tells that he will get CCTV footage and will show to everyone.

Rano asks Neelam, if she didn’t go till now. She says I told my husband all the truth that Lakshmi insisted to have divorce and says if you call or approach Lakshmi, then I will file case against you and your family. Neelam tells Preetam that this woman can ruin anyone’s life and asks him to talk to Lakshmi himself. She says if you want to get the divorce done, then do it, but I will not let it happen. Ayush laughs and hugs Rano, for stopping the divorce. He says whatever my mami says, happens and can’t stop by anyone. Rano says Lakshmi wants divorce. Ayush says no, and says I will be happy to prove this, and says even Rishi Bhai don’t want divorce. He says I will pray to you. Neelam calls him. Ayush goes. Preetam tells Rano that she will be proved as liar infront of everyone. He goes.

Vishal Mehra calls Police and tells that she threatened him of molestation as he refused to give her a job. Lakshmi says he is lying? Inspector says you both shall come to the PS. Vishal Mehra says we can see the truth in the CCTV footage. He asks Meeta to play the footage. He tells Inspector that she had closed the door and fell on me. She then held my hand. Lakshmi tries to clarify and says he told bad about sindoor also, and he is a dirty man. Vishal says everyone saw the proofs and asks Inspector to take her with him. Rishi comes to the office and hears Vishal Mehra. Lakshmi asks Inspector to take him also. Inspector is about to arrest Lakshmi. Lakshmi says he is lying. Vishal says I will see the complaint. Lakshmi pleads that she is innocent and this man is lying. The lady constable handcuffs her. Lakshmi cries. Rishi calls her. Lakshmi turns and sees him. He comes running to her, throwing his file on the ground. He sees her hands cuffed and gets shocked. Lakshmi cries. Rishi hugs her. Lakshmi hugs him and cries. Rishi feels her pain.

Precap: Rishi tells Vishal mehra, that he had made the stairs fell and not Lakshmi. Vishal Mehra says don’t know what is his relation with this woman? may be he is having an affair with her. Rishi says I am her husband and says nobody is pure, truthful and sacred than my wife. He says she is Oberoi family bahu and her name is Lakshmi Oberoi. He promises to give her all the happiness and luxury in life. He protects her in the lift. Later he drops her. Lakshmi sees the divorce papers falling down from his file.