Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Vivek asking Indu to have noodles and not to make a bad face. Indu says I have promised Zoon that I will bring her Papa, and asks if she is doing right. He says he is party organized and will arrange. Ritesh walks on the treadmill and recalls the tiff between Sameer and him. He calls Rahul. Rahul is sleeping, wake up and picks the call. Ritesh asks Rahul about the Deo Ad and asks what is the amount? Rahul says 16 crores. Ritesh says I will not do that Ad. Rahul asks if you have gone mad. Ritesh says tell them that Sameer will do the ad on my place. Rahul says it is not my Chacha’s company that they will agree. Ritesh says I will give discount 30/40 percent for their next Ads. He ends the call. Rahul thinks what happened to him.

Indu gets ready to go to Office early morning. Sunita asks if she is going to office. Indu says no, to Zoon’s school as I have to make her meet her Papa. Sunita asks from where, and says I will not bear if you bring a random guy and make him Zoon’s Papa. Indu says nothing will happen and asks her not to worry. She asks her to send Zoon to school on time, she will meet her there. Sunita gets worried and thinks from where she will bring Zoon’s Papa. Rahul tells Ritesh that he got confirmed from agency that they are giving Ad to Sameer and asks what meteor fell on him. Ritesh says meteor of realization and says Sameer was not wrong fully, and he got ready to do anything after flop films. Rahul says you have become intelligent. Ritesh says I was wrong to gift car to Indu Raina. He says he has corrected his Sameer mistake and now will correct mistake which he did with her. Servant brings the ration. Rahul asks what is all this? He asks if you are opening ration shop. Ritesh asks if he brought all the ration. Servant reads the list and says he brought everything. Ritesh says superb. He asks him to gift wrap it and send. Rahul asks what are you going to do. Ritesh says you had only said that ration finished in middle class homes, and this is the perfect gift. Rahul says she will beat you with slipper. Ritesh says you had only said that car is the gift for rich and this is middle class gift. He says I asked Servant and he also agreed. Servant says yes. He says I have searched top 5 middle class gift and asks Rahul to give him address. Servant asks if he is fine? Rahul says he needs psychiatrist.

The Principal of Zoon’s school talks to someone about the Chief guest. Indu comes there and tells Principal that she had important work with her. She says I want to talk about volleyball match. She tells Principal that Zoon’s Papa is also coming and tells her something. Principal says you are giving false hopes to her. Indu asks for her support. Principal appreciates her efforts and says whatever you want to, do this time. Indu gets up from her chair, goes to Principal and kisses her head. She says I am sorry, I got happy and will meet you in the event. She thanks her. She calls Vivek and says Principal Maam agreed.

Peon comes to Principal and says Sadhna Madam asked you to talk to the chief guest. Principal calls Kadambari. Kadambari says she is Ms. Kadambari and says she drinks particular brand water and have only special diet snacks, and says she don’t like rose in bouquet. She says my secretary will tell you and asks her to come and receive her personally. Principal says ok and thinks she is throwing tantrums more than films star.

Asha tells Rajendra about the ration list which needs to be bought. Rajendra checks if something is left out. Door bell rings. Asha opens the door and finds some men standing. The Servants tell that these gifts are sent by Ritesh Malhotra. Rajendra asks them to keep it there. Servants keep the gifts and leave. Asha asks why did he send the gift? Rajendra finds the gifts with good decoration, and thinks if there is something between me. Asha asks if Ritesh will become my brother in law. Sunita hears and get happy, tells that Indu had gone to get Zoon’s Papa. They open the box and finds ration. Sunita says Indu must have told him and he has sent. Asha says aww, so thoughtful. Rajendra is also happy.

Rahul tells Ritesh that the gift reached Indu’s house. Ritesh asks if she was at home. Rahul says I didn’t ask. The car stops on the road. The driver says we have to call mechanic. Rahul asks Ritesh to leave in the cab and says we can’t wait. Ritesh sees Principal Bhagat standing outside the school. He gets down the car and greets Bhagat Maam. She asks if you remember me? Ritesh says you was my English teacher and tells that his English is good because of her. Bhagat Maam says she is Principal here, if he is free then he can join them for school annual sports function. Rahul comes there and asks Ritesh to come. Ritesh asks Bhagat Maam if 30 mins is enough. She says yes. Ritesh asks Rahul to make up an excuse. He goes inside the school.

Vivek asks Zoon’s Papa to come out of the changing room. Zoon’s Papa comes there. Vivek says today Zoon will get her Papa surely. The teacher tells that first match is going to start between A and B group. Ritesh comes there. Zoon gets happy. The kids cheer for him. Ritesh says I am not your Chief Guest, but thinking why I am not the Chief guest. He says he got school feeling and asks everyone to play with heart. The teacher says Volleyball match is about to start and asks everyone to come to their place. Zoon comes and stands with the team. She thinks when will Papa come? Zoon’s friend asks where is your Papa. Ritesh sees Zoon and identifies her. he waves her hi, but she doesn’t see him. The fathers of other kids come there. Bhagat Maam asks Ritesh if he is enjoying. He says he is happy to be here. Sangeeta comes there and tells Bhagat Maam that Chief guest has come and insisting that she shall come and welcome her. Bhagat Madam tells Ritesh that she has to go and bring the chief guest. Zoon’s father is called for the sports. Ritesh thinks she doesn’t have a father.

Precap: Kadambari collides with Zoon and scolds her for making her expensive phone fall down. Zoon says if it was important then you should have been careful. Zoon’s Papa comes there. Ritesh looks on.

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