Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 15th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Chiku asking Nupur does she want to send her away. Nupur says no, don’t say so. She asks her to go and study. She thinks I will talk to Hira an find your parents, then I will tell you. Hira makes Nupur’s sketch. She says you will help me and then I will help you. Chiku says all the best. Nupur says don’t know, is it a good work or not. Chiku says bad work will also get right when you do it. Nupur thinks you and your mum have a right to meet, I will find your parents. Tai says we have nothing to talk except that girl, tell the police about her. Aai asks don’t you pity Chiku. Kamini says Tai isn’t a mother, I mean we don’t have anything to do with her. Milind says we should take police help, they will not release Hira and find out Chiku’s parents. Aai asks if she doesn’t say. He says she will say. Kamini says she is dangerous. He says police will give us protection. Aai says he is right, my friend will also help us. She prays for Chiku to get her family. Hira argues with the constable. Constable slaps her. Inspector asks whose daughter is Chiku, tell us. Hira says I don’t know anything. He says don’t lie, you told Nupur about it. Nupur takes the money and says I have to do this for Chiku’s happiness. Mini hides and looks on. She says if Hira tells her the truth, then I will be thrown out.

Hira says no one can make me tell the truth. Nupur comes. Hira asks her to leave. Nupur asks why, you promised me. Hira says you told the police and got me beaten up to find out. Nupur says I didn’t do this. Hira says don’t lie to me. Nupur says please. Chiku prays to Bappa. Mini comes and stops her from lighting diya. Chiku and Mini argue. Tai hears them and asks what truth. Mini starts lying. Chiku says she is lying. Mini says you stop lying, she was speaking against Nupur. Chiku says I didn’t say anything. Mini drops the diya oil. Tai scolds Chiku. Mini says she dropped the diya. Tai says I also want Hira to tell Nupur about your parents, you should leave. Mini says we should throw her out, she is troubling us a lot.

Chiku says Nupur went to meet Hira and find my parents. She prays for Nupur. Nupur says I didn’t tell the police, I got the money to hire a lawyer for you, my family isn’t ready to help you, but I can do anything to get Chiku’s rights, tell me, who are her real family. Hira says I won’t tell you anything until I go out. Nupur says tell me what to do, I m ready to do anything. Hira says make me escape. Nupur asks what do you mean. Hira shows the keys on the table. Hira asks will you make me escape for Chiku’s sake. Chiku is praying at home. Hira says I don’t care, I will stay here. Nupur says I will make you escape. She goes home and thinks how will I help her escape. Chiku says you went to meet Hira to know my real parents. Nupur thinks is she upset. Chiku asks why do you want to real parents, I m happy with you, I want to stay with you, you are like my mum. Nupur says you will be more happy with your real mum. Chiku thinks how to tell you, you are my real mum.


Hira says you have no proof that Mini is your daughter. Nupur says that locket was with her, tell me about Chiku’s parents. Hira says Mini isn’t your daughter. Nupur gets shocked.

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