Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 19th October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Nupur asking the servant to give some food for Chiku. He goes to get food. Kamini stops him. Kamini comes and taunts Nupur. Nupur says Chiku is hungry, she isn’t able to sleep, can you give me food for her or not. Kamini asks her to beg for food. Chiku comes and looks on. She says Kamini is really bad. Nupur asks servant to check food in the kitchen. Kamini says fine, I will go and see. She gives some leftover food and says you can take this for Chiku, it was kept to feed the dog, Chiku will be habitual to have this, take it. Nupur returns the food and asks her to feed it to a dog. She gets angry and leaves. Aai cries and prays for her family. Subodh comes and cries. He says I m with you, trust me, I will never let this house break. She says I m very tired of all this. He consoles her. He says I will handle everything, don’t worry. Nupur comes and sees Chiku sleeping. She cries and says sorry Chiku, I couldn’t get food for you. Chiku asks her to sleep. They lie to sleep and hold hands.

Chiku wakes up and sees Nupur unable to sleep. She thinks Kamini is so bad, bad should happen with bad people. She sees Kamini eating an icecream and enjoying in the kitchen. She scares Kamini. Kamini looks for the cat. Chiku laughs. She steals some food and throws pepper at Kamini. Kamini screams and goes to wash her face. Chiku says sorry, but I had to do this. The cold drink bottle falls. Milind hears the sound and comes to check. Chiku hides under the table. He goes. She comes out to leave. Milind sees her and shouts. She asks did you come to steal. Kamini says she will be habitual to steal, she had put black pepper in my eyes. She checks Chiku’s bag. They see the food. Kamini says this is her work.

Chiku scolds them. She says you all just think of yourself, not others, this should happen with you. Milind asks is this a way to talk to elders. Chiku asks how can Kamini talk to anyone, just because she is an elder, when Nupur came to ask for food, Kamini called her a beggar, I can’t see her hungry, can you see her hungry. Milind looks at Kamini. He asks Aai to give some food to Chiku and ask her to leave. He says we don’t refuse to anyone who comes to ask for food, I will not forgive you, don’t enter this house again. Milind asks Subodh and Kamini to come to the study to talk to him. They go. Aai takes Chiku to Nupur. Nupur wakes up. Aai scolds them and asks them to arrange their food themselves. She says if this girl comes to my house again, then it won’t be good. Kamini says I didn’t insult Nupur, that girl is making a story. Milind says I know what you can do, we shouldn’t misbehave with anyone, even with Nupur, you argued with Nupur for food. Subodh says yes, he is right, this doesn’t suit us, we donate food to the poor, don’t do this with Nupur, she is a part of our family, say sorry to Milind. Kamini says I m sorry, I did a mistake, what shall I do, my anger burst out, this won’t happen again. Milind says its okay, sorry for this, I need your support, I m tired of this, I want some peace. Kamini says we are with you. Milind thanks her and goes.

Chiku says I couldn’t see you hungry. Nupur says what’s not ours, we don’t have a right on it, we have to earn it, not snatch it. She explains well. She says I told you, that stealing is a sin. Chiku says its sin to let someone sleep hungry. Nupur says I will be at fault, I took your responsibility. Chiku says no, sorry, you are doing a lot for me. Nupur says you liked it, right, you think I have a right on you and your love. Chiku says yes, you mean Rangoli taught me wrong things. Nupur says you think of it and decide.