Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Chiku praying to Bappa. Nupur says I tried to give the kids a good life, what problem do you have with that. Milind says I m ready to give a donation to the orphanage, but your stubbornness would have harmed Aarav and Vivaan today. Nupur says I won’t let that happen, I feel my attempt to help the kids will make me reach my Payal. He says you want to find her, who had lost her, its imp to remind you, we lost Payal because of your carelessness, you were so lost in your dance that you didn’t know when you lost Payal, you regret for it and quit dancing, but how long will be pay for this, Payal left, she will never return. Nupur says you are right, I also believed that I m responsible for losing her, I will never lose the hope of finding her. She goes. Chiku sees the play. She imagines fighting the devil Nupur and winning. She prays. Rangoli cries. She imagines Tanki coming home. She sees Nupur saying I will snatch your kids.

She shouts no. She says I won’t let you take my kids. Chiku says I have to save my friends and bring them back from Nupur. Rangoli says I will unite my family again. Chiku says I have to unite the family, I have to go to the orphanage. Sulab says you got mad, I won’t come there with you, since you came, mummy made you a star, I handle your things. She says we have to go there for our family, we both love mummy, right, you become the star performer next time, promise, will you help me. He agrees. She says I will get my friends back. Rangoli says I will go to the orphanage and bring my kids back. Chiku and Sulab hide in the box and try to get inside the orphanage. The guards are there. Sulab gets scared of the rat. Chiku stops him from shouting. The guards go to check the bin.

Rangoli comes to the orphanage and climbs the gate. The guards run to see. They catch Rangoli. She runs away. Chiku and Sulab get inside the orphanage. Savitri steps on the toy and stumbles. Kamini holds her. They see the toys on the table. Kamini says Nupur got the gifts for the orphanage kids, I thought she has asked you, I know you regard her a daughter, she doesn’t regard you a mum or Saas. Savitri asks her to remove the toys. Kamini says don’t know who mixed Payal’s doll with these toys. Chiku and Sulab get scared to get inside. Sulab says just walk after me, its not a ghost house, come. He falls down. Chiku looks for him. She also falls down. The guards shut the drain lid. Sulab and Chiku shout for help.