Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 27th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Everyone mourning for Chiku. Milind asks why did Chiku do this. Nupur says because of my indifference. He says you didn’t do anything wrong. Nupur says it was my mistake to not know her true love. She cries and says sorry, I asked you to go away, but not too far, so sorry. Tanki says Chiku can never do this, something is wrong, she used to give us courage, she never lost hope. Nupur thinks he is right. Subodh gets a call. He says boarding school are asking for the kids. Mini says don’t send me, do you want to kill me as well like you did you with Chiku. Nupur says Mini won’t go anywhere. Aai and Milind agree. Nupur thinks I won’t believe Chiku is dead until I see her. Aai asks Shashi to have food. Shashi cries for Payal.

He hugs Payal’s pic. Aai says Chiku and you had a strong bond, trust me, we are also sad for her leaving. Chiku is fallen near the lake. A man comes to the cliff. He sees his wife and daughter’s pic. He asks why did you both leave me, I miss you. He recalls his family and the accident. He shouts and cries. He says I m coming to you. He thinks to jump. He sees Chiku fallen there. He goes down the cliff towards the lake. He checks Chiku.

A lady/Sameer’s mum does the puja and says I miss the told days, Sameer used to play piano, Rayna used to sing and Archie used to dance, she used to take my puja bell and ring it. She prays to Mata. She says return some reason to live, some way to end my loneliness. Wind blows. Sameer brings Chiku home. He shouts call the doctor first, Maa. Tai argues with Nupur about Chiku. Nupur says we won’t put the garland on Chiku’s pic, I can’t tolerate this. Tai says it will be good if you explain this to your heart that Chiku is dead. Nupur says nothing happened to her. She breaks the garland. She asks do you all also think this. Aai and Milind nod. Nupur goes. Tai scolds Aai. Aai asks why shall we hurt Nupur’s heart.

Subodh says Chiku was here first and now this Mini. Kamini says ask Milind and Nupur, Nupur has a bad fate, she always cries. He says you don’t want Mini to go from here. She says no, Mini threatened of exposing us, I m scared of Nupur’s reactions, Mini will listen to me. She goes to talk to Mini. She asks what did police ask you. Mini says what happened and when. Kamini asks did you tell the truth. Mini says I told that Chiku had committed suicide in sorrow. Kamini says remember this thing always, what will you do now, you have to make your place on your own, become like Chiku. Doctor treats Chiku. She says its a miracle that she is alive after falling down the cliff. Nurse says it means she is needed in this world. Doctor says try to get her conscious soon. Sameer’s mum asks what happened to her, why did you get her. He says she was lying unconscious, she needed treatment, I found her at the cliff, I thought to go there for the last time.

She asks did you not think of me, I also fell alone now, why didn’t you take me along, you used to stay so happy before. Nupur and Milind see Chiku’s drawing. He says Chiku loved you a lot. Nupur says yes, she had a big heart and I didn’t accept her, she was calling her Payal because she felt my would will heal. He says we can’t do anything than regretting. She says my entire life is a regret. Sameer says pray that I go to my wife and daughter soon. Maa says I will go to them first, it was not your mistake. He says I should have been there with then, I went to studio for recording and they met with an accident. She says its two years, you are living in guilt, make a new start, give yourself a chance, every life has an aim. Sameer says I got this girl there, I thought to die there. He goes. Maa sees Chiku and says don’t know you saved this girl’s life or this girl saved yours.

Chiku asks what is my name. Maa says Archie, I m your Dadi, Sameer is your dad. Sameer hugs Chiku. Maa says its not wrong if we have a relation with this girl. Nupur meets Sameer and asks about Chiku. She hears Chiku’s voice.

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