Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 4th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Nupur shouting for help. She asks Milind to save the kid, who fell down while saving her. Kamini goes to scold Vini. She says you have to give love and respect to Nupur, else you won’t stay in the house, I m not Nupur, don’t act smart, the kid saved Nupur from falling, make a crying face and show your care for Nupur. Kaka asks them to save the kid. Nupur says the kid fell down because of me, I have to save him. She jumps inside the pit. She saves Chiku. Milind pulls them up. They see Chiku. Nupur says its Chiku, she fell down to save me, we have to take her to the doctor. Milind asks Aai to call the ambulance. They get Chiku to the hospital. Doctor says her state is critical, wait here, you can’t come inside.

Chiku gets treated. Doctor says she is still in danger, bleeding has stopped, we have to keep her under observation. Kamini say we shall go now, that man will take care of her, we will tell him that Chiku is here. Aai says yes, we got her here and paid the expenses of the hospital, we will go now. Nupur sees Chiku. She asks Milind to try and get help for Chiku. Kamini and Subodh say we should go home now, Shashi and kids are alone. Vini says we will go. Nupur says fine, we will go. She thinks I m not feeling good, I already helped as much as I can do. The nurse says we have to arrange blood for Chiku. Nupur hears this and says I can donate blood, my blood group is AB negative. Kamini watches them. Nupur gives blood to Chiku and looks at her. Nupur thinks about their relation. Kamini says Chiku is stubborn and strong, their connection isn’t breaking. Subodh says our fate is bad. She says I m writing our fate, we will win. He says we should be happy that our family isn’t using mind like us. She says I will separate them, I will do something that they get ready to get separated on their own. She sees Vini and smiles.

She takes Nupur and says Vini got hurt, I got the dressing done. Nupur asks how did you get hurt. Kamini says you don’t know about it, you got busy for a stranger. Milind says Kamini please, you could have told me. She says she told me, you didn’t listen, she said she is tired and wants to go home, don’t ignore her. Nupur hugs Vini and says sorry, I promise this won’t happen again. Chiku calls out her mummy. Milind says we will meet her, its imp to say thanks to her. They go and meet Chiku. Chiku opens eyes and sees Nupur. She thinks I can’t tell her, else she will get sad. Milind asks are you fine. Chiku asks what are you doing here. Kamini taunts Chiku. Milind asks her to stop it. Nupur thanks Chiku.

Chiku thinks I did it to save my mummy, no need to say thanks. She says I m fine, I like the soft hospital bed, I feel I was sleeping. Subodh says she is enjoying here. Milind asks who will come to take care of you. Chiku says yes, why not, there are many people, don’t worry. Nupur asks shall we take her home with us, she can go anywhere later. Aai says no, she will get treated well here, you will be busy with Payal. Milind says don’t worry, Nupur and I can take care of both the kids, I think its a good idea, we can take Chiku with us. Chiku says no, I m fine, don’t worry, I will be okay. Aai asks Nupur to come with them. They all leave.

Chiku asks Vini why did she lie to Nupur. She says Nupur loves you as Payal, I have no problem, just love her, she always talks well. Vini says enough, its my house, I will see what to do there. She goes. Chiku thinks of Vini’s fake wound.