Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 8th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Nupur gives the dress to Mini and asks her to try it. She asks Chiku how is she feeling now. Chiku thinks I feel good when you are with me. Nupur says you will get fine, this is for you, it has a new dress for you. Chiku asks what’s the need for a new dress, I don’t need this. Nupur asks her to change and come. She sends Chiku. Mini changes and comes. Nupur says wow, you look so pretty. Chiku comes wearing a similar dress. Mini sees her dress. Chiku says we have worn same to same dresses. Mini gets angry and scolds Chiku.

Mini asks why did you say that you love me, why, Chiku is here for no reason, I m your daughter, this is the truth, she is okay now, send her away, make her out of the house. Nupur saus she will go, please. Kamini tells a story to Nupur. Nupur argues with Kamini. Kamini asks Aai to explain them. Aai says I don’t find anything wrong in it, Payal shouldn’t get upset. Mini goes to change. She gets the dress and cuts it with the scissor. She says I will never wear this dress again, I want a better dress. She shouts. Nupur asks her to stop.

Chiku goes to Mini and says Nupur got the dress with love, she is feeling sad, you didn’t think about her. Vini says she is my mum, I will decide it, you do your work now. Chiku says she is my mummy, don’t forget this. Nupur says I don’t understand Payal’s behavior. Milind says you want to see the change soon, we will go out for sometime and come. Mrs. Arora comes and asks Nupur to keep the kids with her for some time, I have some work. Kamini says Aai and I are also going out to the bank. Milind says Nupur and I are going to buy a dress for Payal. Nupur asks Mrs. Arora to leave her kids with their kids. She calls Chiku and Payal. Milind asks them to promise, they won’t fight. Nupur says problem is solved now. The elders leave. Vini thinks I didn’t promise, I can trouble Chiku now. The kids play. Mini says we will make Chiku the servant. Chiku says I will not feel bad, servants help us a lot, how will this family complete without me. Everyone insists Chiku and asks her to dress up like a servant.

Vinod comes. Chiku says I look like this house servant, right. He feels bad. The kids laugh on her. Chiku watches the game and laughs. Mini thinks to trouble Chiku. She makes Chiku fall down. Everyone laughs. Mini says no one will move, Chiku is our servant, she will do the cleaning. Chiku enjoys the cleaning and dances. Everyone joins the cleaning work to help Chiku. Mini looks on angrily. Mrs. Arora comes to pick her kids. Mini says they aren’t playing with me. Mrs. Arora says I will go and ask them, you are a lovely girl. She sees her kids cleaning the floor. She asks what’s happening. She scolds Chiku. Nupur and everyone come. Mrs. Arora asks Nupur what did she do. Nupur says Chiku isn’t a servant, she is like our kids, everyone here is a family member. Mrs. Arora says servants are servants. Nupur says they make our life easy, what’s the difference between us, just of money and education, not of humanity, if the servants refuse to work, then we can’t do their work, Chiku is sensible than you, she accepted to become the servant, maybe she respects this place. Mrs. Arora says you can talk big things, this class difference can never end. She takes her kids and leaves.