Choti Sardarni 16th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sarab says are you crazy? I can’t even imagine harming my wife.
Meher is in the hospital. She’s in a coma. Her treatment is going on. Sarab says nothing happened to my Meher ji. She’s alive. He says go to the police station and say it there. Kulwant says don’t even dare to touch my son. I will see how you take him there. He says if you interfere with the law I will also take you there. Kulwant says I will make one call and.. He says I am from the crime branch. No one can stop me. Harleen calls IG. She says some inspector came from the crime branch. He’s blaming Sarab of killing Meher. He says this is a matter of another state, we can’t interfere. For now, let him take Sarab. I will do something by morning, don’t worry. Sarab says let me meet my kids.

Sarab comes to the kids. Seher says why is the police here? Sarab says I called them. We are playing chor police. I lost, let me go play. Seher says you won’t go anywhere. Yuvi says it’s Seher’s birthday. Seher says tell them you will play tomorrow. Sarab says if I don’t go I will lose. Karan says no papa you can never lose, Papa will come back fast. Sarab says it will take some time. I will come back by tomorrow morning. Param says papa, it’s besakhi tomorrow. Sarab says I know. I promise I will celebrate besakhi with you three only. Seher says promise? Karan says papa always makes the right promises. Sarab says promise.

Sandhya says how can you go with the police? He says not in front of the kids. They shouldn’t see any problem. Please smile in front of them. Sarab says I will win. The kids say yes. Sarab says please take care of the kids. I am leaving them on your responsibility.

Inspector says let’s take him. Kulwant says I will also go there. A station is a public place. You can’t stop me from coming there. Harleen is crying. She says I won’t let anything happen to you. They take Sarab.

Sandhya says to Param, don’t worry. Your dragon daddy will win. He says I am not young to see what’s happening. I know what arrest means. Please tell me why have they taken papa there. Sandhya says it’s confusion. Your papa hasn’t done anything. Sarab comes to the police station. Inspector asks for a black cloth. He says I don’t need to hide my face. I have not done anything. Kulwant says I am with you Sarab. She comes there with Bitu.

Sarab is taken to the interrogation room. He says why am I here? You can have an arrest warrant but you don’t have any proof. What proof do you have that I have murdered my wife? Who complained against me? Rajan comes and says I did. He says I am the only witness. You had an affair with my fiance Sandhya and when your wife found out, you killed your wife. You gave her place to Sandhya. Gave her your ed. When Meher found out she went to Sandhya’s village. You killed her there and burned her. Sarab throttles Rajan and says where is Meher? You hid her. Tell me where is she? Rajan says she’s dead. You did her funeral. Sarab shouts that wasn’t my Meher. She will come back. She saved me. She will come back because she’s alive.

Meher is at the hospital.
Kulwant says Sarab stop it. If he dies, it will be on you. The kids are waiting for you. You will be in trouble.

Sandhya makes the kids sleep. She says why aren’t you all sleeping? Your papa said the kid who sleeps first will get the first kiss in the morning. Param is worried. Karan and Seher try to sleep. Sandhya says you sleep as well.

The lawyer says there are zero chances of the bail. Robbie calls the minister. He says to do something. Sarab has done many favors on you. The lawyer says the charge sheet says Sandhya came to this house before Meher went missing. Because of Sandhya, our case is getting weaker. Harleen comes to Sandhy and drags her out of the room.

Kulwant says this is their plan. They won’t let you speak to your lawyer. Tomorrow is the weekend, you won’t get the bail. Rajan says I will take him to Haryana before the courts open. Kulwant says I will see how anyone takes him there. The inspector says we will take him to Haryana and shut him up forever. They have no power there. They laugh at Sarab. Sarab also laughs. They are confused. Sarab shouts you messed wrongfully with me. My name is Sarab, I am a Jutt. For my wife, for my dignity, I can die or kill someone as well. You started this story Rajan but now I will end it. Take me to Haryana. This is my Punjab. In my Punjab, no one can remove the name of Sarabjit Singh Gill. Rajan says do whatever you want, you won’t be able to do anything. By tomorrow morning, the entire Punjab will call you your wife’s murderer.