Choti Sardarni 17th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Vikram recalls his insult. He says to his officers are you two idiots? What was the point of having you in the team if I had to check all the files. He says Mr. and Mrs. Gill enough of drama. I will solve Manav’s case in next 2 days and all secrets would be open. His officer comes and says we have put Manav’s picture on all the streets. He says the prize money on it isn’t official. Vikram says I will reward that person. Seema calls Vikram. She says it’s your haldi. Where are you? He says my duty is more important. I will be there in a couple of hours. She says no you’re coming. A man says wow he’s pasting his own papers. Vikram says I will call you back. Seema heard it. Seema says to Surya I don’t know who got him transferred. When will he come back? Surya says in heart no one should know I did it.

Scene 2
In Sarab’s house, everyone is preparing for haldi. Harleen sends gift to people they couldn’t invite. Amrita says to Meher, wow it was someone’s engagement and someone else got the ring. Meher smiles. Amrita says he has a wonderful choice. Meher says yes this ring is Sarab’s choice. Amrita says you’re also his choice.

Sarab video calls the Indian officer. He says I can’t stop this case. Meher can be detained for 7 to 8 years. She attacked an on duty officer. Sarab says I won’t let anything happen to Meher. Meher hears it. She looks at Karan and Param.

Meher recalls when Karan was born. Meher is upset. Param hugs Meher and says I love you mama. Meher recalls her moments with Param. Meher looks at Sarab and says I can’t be upset in front of him. He’s already tensed. Meher says I made this rangoli. He says it’s beautiful like you. Meher says what did Malhotra say? He says nothing to worry about. It’s just a presence at the court. He says I have another normal meeting with the lawyers. You have to sign the papers. Meher says okay.

Kulwant says that Vikram will keep looking for Manav. He wouldn’t ever know that Manav is with God. Vikram calls Kulwant. He says hello mummy ji, I mean Gill’s. Kulwant says why did you call me? He says come to CBI office. I wanted to have a tea with you. Kulwant says there’s a haldi is our house. He says I am the groom of that wedding. If I am busy, you’re just a guest. He says you have to come here. Kulwant says reason? He says check your phone. Kulwant sees a video. It’s Manav working at a dhaba. He says yes I am Manav. I work here. Kulwant is shocked. Vikram says your culprit Manav is caught. Kulwant is in shock. He says Manav is in Banaras. He was found because of you so we have to record your statement and thank you. Wonderful ji wonderful. Vikram did the shoot with his team. Kulwant says is Manav alive? I was lying but this Manav is alive for real? Bitu and Rana are shocked as well.

Kulwant collides with Meher. Her phone falls. Meher picks it. Kulwant says in heart I hope she doesn’t see the video. Meher says I hope she doesn’t see the file. Meher takes the file from her and leaves. The lawyer says this is a serious offense in Serbia. Meher comes with the file. He says how many more fights do we have to face? Meher says we can win any fights together. Meher says I don’t know what’s next. Let’s live the next three days like the best three days of our lives. I want to see everyone around me happy. I want to give my kids a lot of love and make you fat by feeding you a lot of parathas. She wipes his tears.

Scene 3
Kulwant comes to Vikram’s office with Bitu and Rana. Vikram says how did you like my surprise? Kulwant says very wonderfully. We are very happy. Vikram says doesn’t look like it. Kulwant says very are very crazy. She kicks Rana. Rana says yes very happy. Kulwant says where is he? Vikram says why so hasty? My team will bring him here. I spoke to him. Rana and BItu say what did he say? Kulwant says he must have lied. We don’t care. Just keep him away from us. Vikram says he looks very innocent. He said you accused him falsely. It’s something else entirely. Kulwant says what could it be? Vikram says he said he can’t tell on the phone. He will tell in person. Kulwant says why did you call us here? Vikram says you said that he blackmailed you. So we have to record your statement. He turns on the camera and says say it.

Sarab says I will always be with you. I love it when you fight with me. Laugh at me. I won’t let you go anywhere. Meher says I am not going anywhere. Meher holds his hand and says do you feel something? He says it feels good. Meher says I promise you, these hands will always be in my hands. I won’t break this promise. Sarab says this man also promises you, I won’t let anything happen to you. I will fight with you, call you bandri and drink coffee all the time. But I won’t let anything happen to you. Meher says what Malhotra said was right. But we will prove in the court that my intention wasn’t to harm the officer.

Precap-Vikram and Aditi are getting married. When they are doing rounds, Vikram recalls marrying Meher. He recalls everything. He says gobi de parathy I am back, we are together. Nothing can part us now. Meher is dazed. Kulwant is shocked as well. Manav also recalls how he was killed.