Choti Sardarni 18th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Momsi comes home. Harleen hugs her. The kids meet her. Sarab says she has been at the hotel for 14 days. Momsi says I wanted to surprise you all but they surprised me. Param says you came after so long. She says I got gifts for you. She gives him a hoverboard. Param says thank you dadi. Seher says you are even prettier than the photos. Momsi hugs her. She says you are even prettier than me. See she looks just like Sarab. Momsi says close your eyes. Dolly dadi got you something. She gives Seher a gift and says open and see it. Karan says I also saw your photo.. Dolly ignores him and says Harleen I missed you a lot. Karan gets upset. Meher says you didn’t meet Karan. Dolly says hi Karan. So cute. He says my gift. Dolly says at the airport my bag got stolen. IT had your gift. Karan goes inside crying. Meher and Sarab go after him. Harleen says I am glad you taught him his place. He’s so ill-mannered. Dolly says since when did Meher has this problem?

Karan says don’t worry mama. Don’t take the stress. I am happy, I am not crying. Sarab says I know you’re acting this to not let mama stress. Meher says Dolly Momsi loves you a lot. She would give you a gift if her luggage didn’t get stolen. Karan says relax, I will play with Param’s hoverboard.

Sarab hugs Karan and says I didn’t know you’ve grown up. I will get you a new hoverboard. Karan says but you will get a local one. But don’t worry, I won’t say anything. Sarab hugs him. Meher tries to look for something. Sarab says what happened? Meher says can’t find any diary or calendar. I feel like something happened yesterday. He says I do. Tomorrow is very special.

Rana says mummy ji we are celebrating Jagga’s anniversary but how will we tell Meher? Sarab texts Kulwant that Meher’s memory is back in 2021. Bitu says so she will stay there? Bitu says what if Meher’s goes back to 2010. Kulwant says I hope that won’t happen. Meher shouldn’t come here. If her old self finds out Jagga is no more, she will be broken. Jagga was her life.

Robbie tells Harleen Sarab’s NGO has arranged a combined wedding of 5 couples. Meher and Sarab will go there to bless them. Sarab tells Meher. He says everyone wants their love to be as pure as ours. Meher hugs him.
Sarab and Meher come to the event. Sarab says congratulations on your wedding. Marriage is a new start based on love and trust. The way I found a person like Meher who loves me unconditionally. I hope you find a partner like that. Meher says whenever you go to market get a bottle of Jamalgotta, then they would be scared of you for life. Sarab laughs. Meher gets a call from kids’ school. She goes out and forgets everything. Sarab says I hope Meher remains in 2021. She can’t know about Jagga’s death.

Meher says, kids? I don’t have any kids. I am not even married. The principal says I am talking about Mr. Gill’s kids Param Karan and Seher? Meher says he doesn’t have kids either. The principal says those kids are Sarab’s. Meher says that means he lied to me? He is father of 3 kids and he pretends to be single at my place? Meher looks at him in anger and says, you liar. I hate you. Meher leaves.

It’s Jagga’s death anniversary pooja at Kulwant’s place. Karan asks Param if he can also play with the hoverboard. Param doesn’t give her. Karan says give it to me as well. Param says later. Karan says you have been saying later since last night. Harleen says what is this nonsense? There is a pooja going on and you’re fighting? Shame on you. Go and sit in the pooja. Karan goes inside upset. Seher says Param is also playing, why aren’t your scolding him? Harleen says Param you also go inside. Meher says is the event going fine Harleen says everything is fine. That’s why Sarab didn’t call.

Sarab’s manager tells him Meher isn’t there. Sarab says what? He says my phone was with Meher.. He says look around. Sarab calls Harleen from the manager’s number. She sees an unknown number and cuts the call. Meher runs towards home. Sarab looks for Meher. Sarab calls Kulwant but she’s in the pooja. Sarab gets in his car and keeps calling.

Meher comes home and says I will tell mummy ji about Sarab’s reality. Sarab keeps calling Kulwant but she’s going pooja. Meher storms inside the house. Kulwant stops her. She cries. Kulwant asks what happened? Meher says Sarab has 3 kids. His sister lied to me. He lied to us. He was basing this relationship on lies. Kulwant says come with me. How dare he fool you. Come I will break his legs. Kulwant takes her to the car. Kulwant tries to start the car. She says in heart I have to take Meher away from here. Meher says let’s go home. I don’t want to talk to that fraud Sarab. The car isn’t start. It starts. Jeeto comes out and says mummy ji where are you? Pathi ji is calling. Meher says there’s Pathi ji at home? Ginni also comes out she says mummy ji everyone is waiting. Meher says there’s a paat at home? Meher goes inside. Meher says what’s going on? Kulwant says come with me. First let’s go teach him a lesson. Jeeto says you should go with mummy ji. Meher says I can’t leave without paat. Kulwant says we have to teach him a lesson. Meher says why is everyone wearing white? What are you hiding from me?

Meher comes inside the house. She sees garland on Jagga’s picture. Meher is shocked. Everyone is shocked to see her. Meher recalls her moments with Jagga. She sees moments from both new and old life. Meher says what happened to my Veer ji? She faints. Kulwant screams Meher.. Sarab holds her.