Choti Sardarni 19th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Daar ji says Karan isn’t Gill family’s blood. Tai ji says so you.. Meher says we already told him. When I came to tell you.. Sarab says you shoved her out. Daar ji says I was ashamed after listening to this truth. I had only two options, either to kick Karan out or leave myself. If you were in my place what would you do Sarab? Sarab is silent. He says I got my answer. Daar ji says Amrit, before I tell my verdict, what’s the most important thing for you for Gill family? She says the name, the dignity, the respect. There can be no compromise on it.

Daar ji asks Meher what about you? Meher says for me a family’s most important thing is their unity. Them living together through thick and thin. To be with each other always. You’re strong when you’re united. Daar ji says you’re right. This fist makes a family stronger. But I don’t believe in hearsay. I believe in what I see. Ever since I came to this house I saw one thing only.. All my answers are within it. That thing is.. the naughty kids of this house. Your kids Meher. No matter how naughty they are, their love and care for each other is exemplary. They are brave because they call it whatever it is. They are always with each other. I realized it when they hid together from me, when they returned my broken stick when they returned our money for equality. And today I realized they can get injured for each other. Daar ji says their upbringing shows how they will be when they grow up. Meher has brought up the kids for what our family is known for. This is Gill family’s manners, our unity. This is what our elders taught us and Meher has given the same manners to our kids. Amrit says what are you saying? He says I am not done yet.

Daar ji says to Meher you’re so brave. People hide truths like this, lie, plan things. You said it openly, in my eyes. Without fearing the consequence. Longlive. He says Sarab, I am proud of you. You took care of Meher, you held her hand. You need to be very brave about it. You made me so proud. Daar ji says the real power of a family is the woman of that house. Meher united her family. Look at how her three kids are, no one can differentiate between any. He says I am proud of you Meher. You have made our family more dignified. And I announce, I will celebrate Gurbaksh’s anniversary. Meher and Sarab are happy. They touch his feet.

Amrita says wow. You made me so proud. I always thought you only make the right decisions. He says what do you want to say? Amrita says the same thing happened 25 years ago. You said big things like my family.. my name.. my dignity. So was your decision then wrong? If not? Then why this with Sarab and Meher today? Daar ji says because there’s a big difference between Gurbaksh and Sarab. Gurbaksh made a relationship himself and never gave his name to it. But Sarab completed a relationship by giving it his name. There’s a difference between both and since there’s a difference between my decisions. Amrita says wow, you always kept talking about Gill name. This girl stained the Gill name and you’re deciding this? You cut the fields that are infected. This girl will ruin our house. I don’t accept your decision, it’s wrong. Param will pay for your wrong decision. You can’t see her reality but I can. Daar ji stops her. Tai ji says when you have decided I will tell you my decision too. As long as thing girl and that Karan are here, I won’t be a part of this family. Neither Gurbaksh’s anniversary nor food. If both of them are there, I won’t be. This family will be incomplete without me. She leaves.

Scene 2
The kids sit upset. Meher asks why didn’t you finish your milk? They say no. Meher asks what happened? Seher says Devil ji made Karan climb the tree. We were very scared. We won’t talk to Devil ji. We are mad at him. Meher asks who taught you how to ride a cycle? They say you. Meher says you fell many times but you weren’t upset at me. Param says why would we be? You were teaching us. Meher says Daar ji was teaching you to fight your fears, to be united. He made Karan climb the tree but he also saved Karan. He wanted to make all of you strong. Daar ji is very sad. Let’s cheer him up.

The kids sneak in Daar ji’s room. Seher comes in and hugs Daar ji. Seher says are you upset? Seher says don’t be sad. Everything will be okay. Meher sends Karan and Param in as well.. They go in and dance around Daar ji. Meher and Sarab look at them and smile. Daar ji hugs them. He says it’s tiha’s festival. It’s for our daughters. But your dadi won’t be a part of it tomorrow. Meher says no. We will all celebrate it together as one family. He says we can’t make a promise to the kids. I know your Tai ji very well. This is a big problem. The kids say our Meher mama solves all the problems. He says let’s see then.