Choti Sardarni 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Karan calls his manager and asks him to lock the plot for Seher. Seher says to Rajveer I’m sure you’ve had enough coffee. Don’t drink more. I know you’re busy but must reply if you are the medicine. Eat healthy in lunch. Karan says he’s so chubby. Seher says don’t make fun of my Raj. Karan says so much love Seher says don’t tease me. Let’s have tea. Karan says Sehraj would be famous like Mehrub. Seher says Mehrub were famous because they cared about their people.

Seher says that’s the orphanage we donate to. The kid there tried to speak to them. But they drive past. The kid drops a letter as a plane writing save us. But they don’t see it. The kid says my mom said God sends help one day. We can keep throwing these planes.

Scene 2
Seher says to Meher and Sarab’s picture and says I’m in love. Karan says let’s eat. Sandwich for you. Seher says if mama pap were here they’d be happy. Karan says happy and sad too. Seher says why? Karan says we can’t forget that thing. Mama papa always wanted to see your kids but you’re gonna give him away. Seher says dida said I’ll be as much mom as dida to the baby. She has right on that baby too.

The kids at the orphanage buy papri. The seller says help these kids God. Their warden comes and says did you forget the last beating. She throws them. The seller says I can’t see these kids like that. Please save them God. He picks all their letters. He says I will take them to CM.

Scene 3
Harsh says this Seher is just like her mom. She pokes her nose everywhere. My happiness can get in danger because of her. Seher comes in. Harsh says Seher are you okay? Ramila says why did you take such a big risk? Harsh says we were praying for you. Take care of yourself. Badi bi hugs Seher. She says I was so scared for you. Ramila says we all were. Ramila says tricky sent me messages. He wants his badi bi back. Badi bi says why didn’t he sent it to me? Ramila says how would I know? Sehr says badi bi he needs you. You should go to him. He’s really attached to you. Seher says I have to prepare to surprise Rajveer and make all his favourite food.

The seller adds all letters in an envelope and sends to CM house. He says they’ve fooled police already. Rajveer sends Seher voice note. Take care. Eat on time and miss me. Seher says I miss you. You said it will take more time. I miss you a lot here. I know you’re not missing me. She imagines Rajveer saying I miss you a lot. Seher imagines hugging Rajveer. She wears hus kurta and says I miss you. Please come fast. I’m so grateful to marry a nice guy like you.