Choti Sardarni 24th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Harleen says I hope Khushi sees the right path. robbie says we have to do a lot for that. Harleen says first I need to do what I came here for. Seher and Rajveer come. Seher says what did you come here for? Harleen says to get Seher and Param their right. And show love. Seher says what kind of love is that? Papa said you love us a lot. Aunt is like a mother. she understands your heart, she stands with you like a friend. You love me a lot right? And you can do anything for me right and the ones I love? Robbie says what are you saying? Seher says how long have you been trying to harm us? Harleen says I can’t even imagine. You are like Khushi to me. Seher says what about Raj? You tried to harm and and hinder his treatment. Raj says don’t worry. I know we’ve pulled each other down a few times. Harleen says in heart did he tell her about the kidnapping? Seher says I know you love Seher I would never do anything that would make her hurt you. But why do you hate me? Seher says so much hate that you splashed that water in his eyes?

Rajveer says would Seher be happy if I lost my eyes? Harleen syas I can’t even hurt you Seher. Seher says you did. You did it because of Rajveer stands with Karan right? Harleen says I am sorry Seher. Please forgive me. I can’t accept Karan. He’s not our blood. I can’t let him take your right. Seher says please. Mama papa made us all siblings. We are each other’s life. Please don’t part us like this. Harleen says I made a big mistake. Please forgive me. Seher says I know you’ve a problem with Karan. Which is too wrong but what was Raj’s fault? Harleen says I am really sorry. She sits in her feet. Rajveer picks her up and says you’re like a mom to me. You are our elder. Seher says I respect you a lot. But please rememeber that Seher and Rajveer are one person. They leave. Harleen says Seher has become blinded. Robbie says were you acting? Harleen says I can’t lose Seher. And Rajveer keeps trying to keep them together. I want to show Param and Seher how bad Karan is for them. Rajveeer will defend him. I will keep fighting for their right.

Scene 2
Karan says to Param excited for the date? Kulwant says I really like Amreen. Rana says her family is fun too. Harleen says Devika would look good with him. She’s royal. Amreen’s dad buys and sells old stuff. Seher says you become royal with your actions. It’s his hard earned business. He should see the girl’s heart. Param says I will meet both.
Amreen’s dad says we made a lot of money with this business but people say we don’t have a family name. Her mom says make Param yours and get Gill name. Amreen says Param will choose me only.

Scene 3
Seher comes to the room. Rajveer has made a love you with candles. Seher hugs him. Rajveer gives her a rose. Rajveer pulls her close. Rajveer kisses her head. Seher says I am so glad you can see now. He says I am glad I can see you. Seher says let’s go. He says Param is going don’t worry. He hugs her. Jeeto comes and coughs. He says let’s go. Rajveer says Seher let’s go.

Seher says what are you doing here? He says I am here to support my brother. He says me too. Param and Amreen sit on the table. Harleen says only Devika will become Param’s wife. Amreen says you talk too less but I am speak a lot. She keeps speaking. Param smiles. Rana says that’s romantic. Seher says real romance is around the family/ Rana says let’s tease him. rajveer says no. Seher says let’s go.

Amreen asks are you okay? He says yes. Param says I brought you something. I don’t know how to do it. Seher says I don’t know how to peel the beans. Amreen says let me help you. Jeeto comes too. Rajveer says to Param help your to-be wife too. Seher goes inside. Rajveer comes close to her. Seher says someone will see.. He says I don’t care. Rajveer kisses her.
Harleen says this Amreen has to stay away from Param. I’ve to do something. seher says they look so good together. Kulwant says they’re perfect together. Devika’s mom calls and says is Devika there? She says not yet. Her mom says Devika’s phone is off. We are really worried. Seher says we will go and check.

Scene 4
Devika is at the hotel. Seher and everyone come in. She’s fainted in the room. Devika says someone delivered the coffee. I fainted after having it. And then someone locked the door. Harleen says who could do that. Seher says one after another girl is being attcked, who is doing it and why?

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