Choti Sardarni 25th February 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Seher’s treatment is going on. Meher is also inside as a nurse. The doctor gives Seher emergency treatment. Param says papa please let me help Seher. He hugs Param. Param says papa, nothing will happen. God is with me. Everything will be okay. He says how can I take such a risk with your life? He says Seher is already at risk. Her mom saved mama. Shouldn’t we save her daughter now? Meher comes out. Sarab says Param will give bone marrow. The doctor says but we can’t do this surgery until this form is signed by her parents. Sarab says I know her mom but I can’t contact her. The doctor says we can’t start surgery without the form being signed by a parent. Sarab says we can’t delay. Meher says in her heart I have to save Seher’s life and show my identity. Meher takes off her mask. Sarab signs the papers as Seher’s father and says please start the operation. Meher puts her mask on. Param hugs Sarab.

Param is taken for transplant. He says don’t be scared. I am right here. He says papa, I will be okay. I love you. Param says to Meher, sister doesn’t let my papa cry. Stay with him. His hands are shivering. Meher says in heart I am also proud of you. Param is taken inside. Sarab prays for him. He goes to the temple and says please save both kids. Meher also comes there. She puts her hand on Sarab’s shoulder. Sarab looks back. Meher leaves. Samaira says Sarab everything will be okay. Karan says don’t cry, papa.

The transplant starts. Sarab and Meher pray outside. The doctor comes out and says transplant was successful both are okay. Seher’s life is out of danger. Sarab thanks, God. Meher gets teary. Karan says let me meet them. The doctor says you can’t. They need rest. You can meet them later. Sarab goes out for formalities. Kaul says to Meher Param saved his sister’s life. Did you see how well life played? Meher comes in. She looks at both the kids. Meher holds Param’s hand. She looks at Seher. Param says mama I saved Seher. I healed her. Meher cries and hugs him. He unconscious but he opens eyes a little. Meher says forgive me. I couldn’t come to you. I missed you every moment. You are my lion son and Seher’s sister. You always wanted a sister. Seher is your sister. Always hold her and be there for her. Meher mama loves you. Thank you, Param. Seher is your responsibility.

The doctor tells Sarab it’s very strange. Their stemcells matched and it was well accepted by Seher. It feels like they siblings. Kulwant hears this on call. She says is this girl Seher Meher’s sister? This means Meher could be pregnant. The doctor asks Sarab to write the date of birth. He says I don’t know. They check in her medical file. It’s 24 octor. Kulwant says 5 years ago? Does this mean she came out of jail with that baby? She is Sarab and Meher’s daughter? I have 5 people to kill now? Sarab signs the papers.

Meher holds Seher’s hand and says you always wanted your papa. You will stay with him from now on. He won’t let you miss me. He will give you everything. You will always have your brother. Mama has to go away from you. Always stay happy. Sarab walks towards the room. Meher is crying. He comes in. Meher wears her mask. Sarab looks at her. Meher says I also have too small kids so.. He says a mother’s heart feels the pain of all the kids. Meher leaves. Sarab looks at Seher and smiles. He holds Param’s hand. Param looks at Seher. He says papa.. This girl’s name is Seher, right? I chose that name for my sister. Remember? Sarab recalls everything. He looks closely at Seher. Meher looks at them. Sarab caresses Seher’s face.