Choti Sardarni 25th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sarab says she will have no problem there. She will live very happily. Kulwant says I am going with my daughter. Your wife left and these people you know them. Ginni says don’t go. Jeeto says we will take care of you. Kulwant says I was about to fall. Only jagga cares for me but he has work. She leaves.

Kulwant comes with Meher and Sarab. Sarab says you can take any room you like. Kulwant says I would feel weird. It’s my daughter’s house. Sarab says it’s your son’s house. Harleen gets everything arranged in the house. She asks Param to touch things to donate. He says let me get Karan as well. Harleen doesn’t like that.

Sarab says I am lucky that I am getting a chance to take care of you. They come home. Harleen says I was worried when I heard about the accident. She sees Kulwant’s huge luggage. Param comes and hugs Kulwant. He says come nani let me take you to your room. Kulwant says the bed isn’t comfy here. Param says let me show you other room. Kulwant comes to Harleen’s room and says I will stay here. I like this bed. Param says but this is bua’s room. Kulwant says she can move to another one now. She acts like she’s fainting. Sarab says to Harleen it’s for a few days only. Harleen leaves in anger.

Meher calls Amrita and says please go back home. Amrita says this is my decision. Amrita says be careful about mummy ji. She will try to rule everything in your house. Param tells Meher Kulwant is saying she will stay in Harleen’s room. Meher says that won’t happen. I will shift her to other room. Sarab says it’s for few days only. He says I promised Jagga ii Kulwant will live here like his own house.

Jeeto says mummy jo went with Meher so she can live in a big house. She says to Jagga mummy jo said she wont give share in property to any son including you. Bittu says this all happened because of Meher.

Servants complaints to Harleen that Kulwant is troubling them all the time. Harleen says I am sure she is doing a drama. She puts a hot box near Kulwant. Kulwant is about to touch it.

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