Choti Sardarni 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Harleen cries and says Sarab open the door. He hugs Meher’s dupatta and cries. Harleen says we can’t keep lying to kids. They are waiting for Meher. We have to tell them the truth. Try to understand please. Meher has left us. Sarab says they’re all lying. Sarab looks at Meher’s photo. He says I know Meher ji, wherever you are, you’re fine. My heart says nothing can happen to me. Harleen says kids have right to know that their Meher mama isn’t alive anymore. Sarab opens the door and says you don’t need to tell kids. Meher is alive. Harleen says she’s gone. Sarab says my Meher ji alive.

Harleen comes to the kids and says your Meher mama has gone far away from us. Param says away from Dehli? Karan says why was papa angry? Everyone is crying. Harleen hugs the kids. Seher asks what’s in this pot? Harleen says it has your Meher mama. When someone goes far away. They leave this behind. Kulwant cries.

Scene 2
Kulwant comes home. Yuvi puts a garland on Meher’s photo. Kulwant says what are you doing? He says you wanted her to die. Did you kill her? Bitu shouts what are you saying? Kulwant says he is right. Because of my curses Meher died. I killed her. For 5 years I cursed her. I don’t wanna live.

Harleen asks Robbie how is Sarab? He says Sarab is really shocked. He keeps calling Meher. Sarab calls Meher and says once I talk to you I will tell them I was right. You’re alive. Pick the phone. Param looks at him. Param runs to his room crying. Seher and Karan say please open the door. What happened? What did papa say? Param cries. Seher says please open the door. Karan says papa lost mama somewhere. Seher says really? Karan says papa is scared to tell us. But don’t worry. Last time, I found Meher mama. Seher says how? He brings his story book and says we will go to mountains to find MEher mama.

Sarab looks at Meher’s photos and cries. The song mein phir bhi tumko chahunga. He recalls his moments with Meher looking at their photos. Karan and Seher come to the room. Param slept on the floor crying. Karan says if he gets up we won’t be able to go. Seher says I don’t like him sleeping on the floor like this. They give him a blanket. Karan says let’s go find mama now. They sneak out of the house. Sarab cries and says this isn’t the first time when world tried to part us and this can’t be the last time that I lose hope of meeting you. I know we will be united.