Choti Sardarni 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Karan shows the video to Seher. Param says I only touched him. He misbehaved with the finance minister. Seher says I don’t care what he did. I can see what you did. You know his condition. What you did is disgusting. Param says Karan did it all. He didn’t stop me and made my video. Karan says I made your video to show Seher your reality. Seher says shut up both of you. You both have hurt my Tricky and hurt me. They both say sorry. Seher says I am ashamed to call you both my brothers. She cuts the call. Seher is upset. She sees a note on the laptop, I am coming tomorrow and fix your mood.

Seher sends gifts for Tricky. He’s very happy. Badi bi says Seher you get him so many gifts. I wonder if I am his dadi or you. Seher says he’s my life. I can’t see tears in his eyes. And you took care of us after mama and baba. So it’s my responsibility to take care of Tricky. Tricky asks is it my birthday? She says no it’s your smile day. Seher sends his breakfast. Badi bi says Karan and Param didn’t eat either. They are both sad. They will have to patch up for you.

Seher comes to special kids’ school and gives them all gifts. The teacher tells Seher someone is stealing watches for a week. Seher asks is there any new admission? She says yes Ahil. But he can’t do this. He keeps sleeping.

Scene 2
Rajveer video calls dida and asks which shirt should I wear? I am so nervous. She says don’t be. Rajveer says I arranged everything. She asks did you keep the ring? Rajveer says yes. Here it is. Dida says it’s a very expensive ring. Keep it safe. Put kajal behind your ear. All the best. He says thank you dida. Dida says Bobby get shagun ready. We have to go to Gill mansion.

Seher comes to Ahil. She says I found the watches. She says hi Ahil. He says mama in sleep. Seher hugs him. He sleeps with her. The teacher finds the watches in his pillowcase. Seher says it’s been a week since he’s separated from his mom right? The teacher asks how do you know? Seher says intiuition. When would hug his mom and hear her heartbeat to sleep. The watches would remind him of her heartbeat. Please don’t call it theft. Special kids don’t have bad intentions behind their mistakes. I have a solution. She makes him sleep on a teddy with a watch. The teacher says no one can understand them better than you. Why don’t you work with us? Seher says I have to go to India and open a space for them. All thanks to my Tricky, he taught me how to understand them. Seher says I have to go.

Scene 3
Dida goes to Gill mansion. Bobby says best of luck.
Rajveer says Seher is about to come. Once she’s here throw flowers on her. Everything should be perfect. Seher comes there. Rajveer smiles. Seher walks towards Rajveer. Seher walks past Rajveer. He’s shocked. Seher runs and hugs another guy. Rajveer is shocked. The guy caresses Seher’s face. He picks her. The flowers drop from Rajveer’s hands. He is in tears. The guy takes out a ring. Rajveer’s napkin falls. His men throw flowers on Seher. The guy kneels down and proposes to Seher. Nikhil calls dida. She arrives outside Gill mansion. She rings the bell. Nikhil is shocked. She says what? Someone else? Who? Seher holds the guy’s hand. Rajveer’s ring falls. He cries. Seher gives her hand to the guy. He makes her wear the ring. Param opens the door. No one is outside.

Seher is very happy. Rajveer cries. The guy kisses Seher’s hand. Dida is on her way back. She tries to call Rajveer but she can’t. seher says I love you Kunal. He says I love you Seher. We will always be together. Seher looks at Rajveer. She says Rajveer.. He turns his face opposite to her.