Choti Sardarni 6th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Guru ji says he thinks he possessed. He will be okay soon. A woman asks why do you wear these clothes if you’re so educated? He says people don’t trust you if you wear jeans and tshirt. Trust works more than treatment.

Rajveer says you are doing so much for me seher and I am giving you pain only. He over pours the tea. Rajveer screams. Seher comes.. He says leave me alone. Seher says everything will be fine. He says nothing will be fine. Rajveer looks himself and cries inside. Seher sits outside. They both cry and recall their moments with each other. Rajveer comes out. Rajveer comes to bed. Seher gives him blanket. Seher keeps thins for him in places. Seher tries to control her tears. She recalls their moments together. Seher says you are in pain but it hurts me. I will meet Guru ji. Your sight will come soon.

Scene 2
Punjab dal press conference is going on outside. Seher is shocked. The media conference is called my Harleen. Harleen says welcome. Like I told you all, blood is thicker than water. Any family’s legacy is forwarded by blood. That’s why I gave Punjab dal’s seat to Param because he’s Sarab’s true blood. Rajveer comes there. Harleen recalls Rajveer told her to give Karan equal share as Param and she will announce it. Harleen agreed. She says in heart I have to do it all because of you. Harleen says but my brother thought as important as blood is upbringing and how a child is raised. That’s why I called you all here to announce something. Harleen holds Karan’s hand. Seher holds his hand adn says bua are you trying to create another crack? She says no your bua has changed. She takes them both on the stage.

Harleen says Gill family legacy, punjab dal and our wealth will have three heirs. Seher, Karan and Param. Everyone is shocked. They hold hands together. Kulwant says wow. What just happened. Param and Karan will be together. Harleen says are you happy? Seher says I said everything will be fine. The media questions Karan did you forget param for attacking you? They ask Param did you forgive him for sending you to jail? Seher says this time isn’t to look into past but move forward. Karan holds param’s hand and says everything is fine between me and Param. Param says we should only look for future. Harleen says there’s another surprise left. I want Param and Karan to unveil it. Param and Karan unveil their family potrati. It has Karan in it too. Param leaves. Seher goes after him. Kulwant says I will see them. You only think about Raj. Go to Guru ji. Kulwant says God please heal Raj and give some brain to Param and Karan.

Scene 3
Seher comes outside guru ji’s house. She says I am here with a lot of hope mama. I hope it works out.

Param says to Harleen why did you do this? I am Gill blood not Karan. Why did you take his name? Karan says to Kulwant he doesn’t consider me his brother. This was a drama. Harleen says I am doing it all for you. You were jailed because of Karan. Your name was tainted because of it. People will give you all the attention. Karan will only be a name because you’re the heir of Gill family. Kulwant says have faith. Karan says I don’t trust Param at all now. Param says to HArleen nothing should happen to Seher in all this. Karan says I have to be there for Seher. Harleen says you see what I do now Rajveer. You made me do it.

Seher comes to meet guru ji. He’s shocked to see her. He says Meher? Seher says guru ji I am Seher. Meher Kaur’s daughter. I know you taught my mom herbal medicine. Please help me. My husband has lost his sight. Please heal him. He breaks the pot. He says get lost I don’t wanna see your face. Seher says did I make any mistake? He says I don’t want to see anyone related to Meher. Get lost. Don’t come near my place. Seher says did I make a mistake? My mama really respected you. Please help me.