Choti Sardarni 6th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Param hugs Harleen. He says Yuvi was lying right? All kids were lying, right? My Meher mama can’t hurt anyone. She can never hurt anyone. She can’t murder Jagga. Harleen says no one was lying. They were all saying truth. Meher was in jail for 5 years. Samaira says he’s a kid. Harleen says he should know the reality of Meher. He considers her GOd. He should know her past. Harleen hugs her and says you’re grown up now. Your Meher mama lied. Meher and Jagga had a fight. She threatened him. Harleen tells him everything. Param sits down in shock.

Meher sits in her room in tears. Karan and Seher are crying. Sarab gives water to Seher. He says nothing happened. Don’t cry. See what I got for my princess. Your mama is the best. I decorated the room for my princess. The kids keep crying. Meher recalls Seher asking her did she kill Jagga? The kids called her a murderer. Meher wipes her arm. Seher cries and says mama it’s hurting. Meher keeps rubbing it. Seher says mama it’s hurting me. Meher hugs her and cries. Meher says I am so sorry. You had to suffer so much because of me. Sarab says relax Meher ji. Meher says I am really sorry. Param comes in. Param says you say sorry when you do a mistake. That means you actually did the mistake? You’re a murderer. Sarab and Meher are shocked. Meher hugs him and says that was a false accusation. I didn’t kill anyone. Param says but you lied and then you went to Kashmir. You lied. Karan says you told me your wrong name. You hid your face. I was looking for my mom yet you didn’t tell me. Seher says you lied to me as well. You kept me away from my dad. Sarab says you kids are too young to know all this. You can’t understand. The kids leave crying. Sarab goes after them.

Harleen says this had to happen. I knew this. Your past would ruin Sarab and param’s life. Your sin will keep the following them. Meher shouts and says I am innocent. I didn’t do any murder. I suffer for the sin I didn’t do. I spent 5 years in jail. I went through so much justice but you don’t care. The court evicted me. I stayed away from my husband and kids. All my happiness was ruined what about that? I had to stay away from my family and lie to my kids because of you. Harleen says don’t blame me for your mstake. Courts verdict won’t change people’s perception of you. We can’t stay happy if you are here. Samaira says di stop it. This isn’t Meher’s mistake. She hugs Meher and says it will all be okay. Go to the kids. They need you. Meher says I don’t care about people. For me nothing is more important than my family. I will make my kids understand and they will.

Scene 2
The kids lock the door. Sarab says Param please open the door. Meher says I know I hid things from you but I was helpless. I will tell you everything. Won’t you give your mom a chance? Param says no. Karan says you will tell us another false story. You say I make fake stories, you all do. Meher cries. Sarab hugs her. Sarab says Param open the door. Param says I won’t listen to you. The kids hug each other and cry. Sarab hugs Meher. She cries.

Param is about to open the door. He recalls what Harleen said. Param cries. Sarab says Meher ji.. All of this had to happen one day. We had to face it. You know. But don’t forget we can fight anything together. Like always, we will face this and win. Meher says I lost. Sarab says you are a soldier’s daughter. Losing isn’t in your blood. You will face it. Go to Yuvi and speak to him so this doesn’t happen. Clean the dirt from his mind. Sarab says you should talk to Kulwant as well. Meher says she won’t understand. Sarab says she will have to. She can’t harm my wife and kids. If she doesn’t understand I will have to take a stand. Give her a warning that I won’t stay silent.

Samaira says di you didn’t do right. Harleen says you take care of Sarab. He needs you not that murderer Meher. I knew this truth would come to stand in front of us one day. Let me see the kids. They are hungry. You shouldn’t care about who is right or wrong. Just that you should be with Sarab.

Scene 3
Meher comes to Kulwant’s house. She says Kulwant kaur come out. Meher looks at Jagga and Amrita’s photo. She cries. Meher recalls her moments with them. Kulwant comes there. She stabs Meher. Meher holds her hand. Bitu says mummy ji stop. She tries to stab Meher. Everyone asks her to stop. Meher twists her arm and takes the knife. Meher says enough. You are so full of poison that you want to kill your own daughter? You are punishing me for a sin that I didn’t do. You lost your son but I also lost my brother. Court evicted me. Kulwant says I don’t care about court and proofs. All I know is that my jagga called me. He said betrayal.. Kulwant asks who? He said meher. Kulwant says all proofs and witnesses are a lie. Meher says I.. Kulwant says I won’t hear a word. Get out of my house. I will kill you.