Choti Sardarni 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Karan says to Sandhya you spoke to meher mama. Sehers heart beat gets better. Karan says even she wants you to talk to mama. Sandhya says what should I say? Karan ssys it’s me mama. Sandhya says (as meher) how are you? Karan says not well. Seher isn’t well. Sandhya says I am praying for her. Karan says when will you come? Don’t you miss us? Sandhya says I miss you all every day. You are my life. Karan says papa is very sad about you not coming away. Sandhya says I will come soon but take care of everyone. Karan says we will.

Sandhya says Meher mama is saying ask Seher to get well soon. Sandhya says would you be okay Seher? Sarab comes in. Sandhya hides her face with mask. Sarab says thank God we Seher is responding. He says Kavita ji please have food. He says take your mask off. Karan says she can’t eat. I asked her she said she is fasting.
Yuvi says I am hungry. Jeeto says there is saag go and eat. Yuvi says I am tired of it. I want pizza. Jeeto says I don’t have time. Yuvi says dadi will paint your face with this nailpolish. He asks Ginni. Ginni says ask Jeeto to make it. Yuvi says dadi will teach you both a lesson.

Kulwant cooks. Param says what are you making? She says everything meher liked. Param says I always thought I would cook for mama when I grow up. He gets upset. Kulwant plays with him with pipe like Meher used to. Param hugs her. Harleen caresses him.

Yuvi says Meher bua is the best. She taught me how to make pizza. He makes pizza like Meher used to.
Harleen says tejo congrats for this trophy. She says I heard about Meher. Sarab comes. Tejo says when I heard I will get trophy from you I got so happy. Nothing is more famous in punjab than your and Meher’s love.

Tejo says I used to follow Meher a lot. Your love reminded me of true love. Harleen says did you ever fall in love? She says I don’t need it. Sarab says Meher came to my life and taught me love changes the meaning of love. It teaches you the love of God. It teaches you to be two not one. Sarab says she is mu strength. I know she will come back. She taught me love makes us stronger. Tejo says I am getting married next month but I am not in love. He says I thought the same. Give it a chance. Sarab gives her the trophy and says we all need talented teachers like you. She leaves.

Sarab says Seher please open your eyes. Papa will never scold you. You can scold papa. Please open your eyes. I only like you talking like your mom. Sandhya comes. Sarab says will she be conscious by morning? She is silent. Lights start sparking. Harleen says what is happening? Seher can’t breathe because oxygen is low. Sarab says what happened to electricity? Turn on the generators.

Robbie says the transformer blasted. We are trying to turn on the generator. They call the doctor. He asks to check Seher’s pulse. Sandhya checks her. The doctor says Kavita is manually pumping her. That will keep her going. Kavita gives her oxygen through the manual pump. Sarab says will her condition be okay?