Choti Sardarni 7th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Meher says we have to find proof. Sarab says it’s our wedding tomorrow. Meher says I will get her arrested tomorrow. Sarab says how without proof? Meher says we will contact that shopkeeper again. She cries. Sarab hugs him. Meher says forgive me. Because of my family, you had to suffer. He says don’t blame yourself. I contacted them and got nothing. I know you can never forgive her. But it’s okay. We will break our relationship with her. That punishment should be enough. Meher says no. This time she will pay for her sins.I won’t sit calmly till I see her in handcuffs. Sarab hugs Meher. Meher sees the footage playing. She sees Kulwant in it. Meher is shocked. Meher says when God is with you no one can do anything. Sarab turns back and sees the footage as well. They are both shocked.

The wedding event starts. The kids come in dancing. Meher and Sarab enter together. The song din shagna da plays. Dolly says where is Sarpanj ji? Is she okay? Isn’t it strange? The mother didn’t come to her own daughter’s wedding? Harleen says where is Kulwant? Kulwant comes in and says sasrikaal. Meher and Sarab are shocked to see her. Kulwant says how’s that possible that my daughter is getting married and I won’t come? Let’s start the wedding.

Meher and Sarab go in and do the rituals. Meher recalls marring Sarab last time. They touch feet of all the elders. Dolly hugs them. They don’t touch Kulwant’s feet. Kulwant says don’t want to take mother’s blessings? They ignore her and walk ahead. Everyone is shocked.

The police come there with handcuffs. Everyone is shocked. They come to Kulwant and say you are under arrest for attacking your own son-in-law. Kulwnt says what proof do you have? They say the CCTV footage in this drive. Kulwant looks at Bituand Rana in anger. Harleen says what are you saying? Meher says mummy ji was driving the truck that hit Sarab. Harleen shouts Kulwant Kaur.. You harmed my brother. Sarab and Meher hold her. Harleen says I won’t leave her. Meher says the law will handle her. Meher says the officer arrest her. The police take Kulwant with them, Yuvi cries and says no dadi.. Meher ugs him. She says elders make mistakes and they should be corrected. Karan says no my nani is the best. Yuvi says dadi can never make a mistake. Seher cries and says mama please stop nani. Kulwant says kids are God’s sound. Stop all this. Meher says they don’t know your reality. she says please take her. The kids cry.

Bitu and Rani say sorry mummy ji. We made a huge mistake. Kulwant says everything was going right. I was standing behind my daughter as her back and shadow but she made me come in front of her. Now I will attack her where it will hurt her the most. She is really proud of being a wife and a mother right? I will shatter her life. A new story will start from here and it will change everything.

A car stops. Some men step out of it. An old couple gets out it. Sarab adn Meher come home. They see the car. Dolly says who came? Harleen says I am wondering the same. She asks Sarab who could it be? Sarab touches the car and rushes in. He recalls how he used to do the same as a kid. Sarab sees the man. Sarab says Daar ji. They turn back and look at Sarab. Sarab is shocked to see them. Sarab gets happy and teary. He says Daar ji, Taai ji. When did you both come? He says Amrit, see he is questioning like his dad. Everyone else comes in. Daar says you forgot to touch feet? Sarab touches his feet. They look at Meher and the kids. Sarab says I recognized you when I saw your stick. Daar ji says you got hit the most from it. Meher giggles. The kids get scared of him. Sarab says I am very happy to see you after 25 years. I won’t let you go anywhere. Daar says no one can stop me anywhere. Sarab says I was just saying.. He says I don’t like to repeat. Sarab nods. Daar says we came here but we won’t know if we would be able to stay here till your dad’s anniversary. It depends on how I feel here. The kids are scared of him.