Choti Sardarni 8th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sarab is worried for Seher. He sees Meher praying for her. All kids pray with him. Sarab comes to Seher. Sandhya is treating her. Seher starts breathing. Sandhya is about to take mask off. Sarab says what are you doing? She says Seher is breathing herself. Seher opens her eyes. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Sandhya hugs Seher. She leaves. The doctor checks Seher and says she’s breathing fine. Sarab says where is kavita? Ajay says she left. Sarab says she can’t go. Sarab recalls how she treated Seher.

Sarab runs out to stop Kavita. Sandhya is leaving. Sarab stops her. He says you can’t go please. seher needs you. You’re God’s blessing for her. I can’t take a risk. This is a father’s request. You will be taken care of, you can bring your family here. I can give you anything you awnt. She takes off her mask and says your permission. Sarab is shocked to see her. Sandhya says if I told you it’s me, you won’t let me treat Seher. I came here because she needed me. Sarab says if I knew it was you who took Seher’s mom, I won’t let you enter my house. You entered this house again by lying. Kulwamt says no I brought her here. she was doing this for our Seher. You can be mad at me. Sarab says to Sandhya go from here. Kulwant says because of her Seher is breathing now. Sarab says because of her your daughter is away and Seher is in this condition. she only lied to us. The medicine she touches is poison for us. Sarab goes inside.

The doctor says to keep checking this medicine. Harleen says where did Kavita go? Sarab says we will find another nurse. Harleen says why not Kavita? She was taking care of Seher well. Karan says yes we all want Kavita. Seher too. Seher says yes.

Sandhya sits outside crying. Sarab clocks himself in the room and cries. He recalls asking Sandhya to tell him. Harleen says open the door. Sarab says I will find another nurse for Seher. Kulwant says we don’t have time. I lost my daughter, won’t let anything happen to Seher. Sarab calls Mehta and says I want a nurse here. Kulwant says Sandhya will stay here or I will take both of them to my place. Sarab sees Meher and says you’re confused right? I know you’re confused. You blame Sandhya for what happened to me and she lied to you. Sarab says if you were in my place would you forgive her? Meher says I would think practically. Sandhya’s love and treatment made Seher better. She has a pure heart. Seher needs her. I know your troubles but you have to do this for Seher.