Choti Sardarni 8th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Param opens the door. Sarab comes in. He says you all think we lied. But that’s not true. It’s difficult to understand. Please forgive your parents. We won’t ever hide anything from you all again. Please. The kids walk out.. Samaira stands in front of them. SHe doesn’t let them go. Samaira says your papa hasn’t eaten anything. He won’t eat until you all do and if doesn’t eat well he will fall sick. He’s already weak. The kids look at him. The kids take pieces of pizza and go put. Samaira sits with Sarab. She says it worked. You must be thinking I am amazing. He says thanks but I want to be alone.

Scene 2
Kulwant says get out of here. Meher says I won’t meet without meeting Yuvi. Kulwant says he doesn’t want to meet his parent’s murderer. Meher says he thinks that because of you. Don’t you feel ashamed poisoning a kid’s mind? Yuvi comes out. Meher says come here Yuvi. He recalls his moments with Meher. Meher counts down. Yuvi recalls how she used to count down. Meher counts 1.. Yuv looks at the ball in his hand. He throws it towards Meher but it hits Kulwant. Kulwant’s nose bleeds. Meher says mummy ji are you okay? She says yes don’t do this drama Meher says you will fall in your own ditch. Kulwant says I will bury your family in it. Meher says enough. As long as I am alive, no one can harm my family. And I won’t let anyone poison my brother’s son. And be careful, Sarab is very angry. Kulwant says do whatever he wants. I am not scared of anyone. Your worth is nothing. Everything is over for you, no money, no power. Punjab Dal sank.

Scene 3
Samaira comes to Sarab. She tries to make him eat. He says I am not in mood. I really don’t wanna eat. She says the kids ate for you, papa should eat for the kids. He says blackmailing me? She says I know matar pulao is your favorite. He says you got it made? She says I made it. I tried being closer to her. She laughs and says kidding. Meher made it. Sarab says thanks but I can’t eat until Meher eats. His hand shakes. Samaira says are you okay? He says my hands got numb the same way. Meher comes in. Sarab says what happened? Did you speak to her? Meher says they can never understand? Sarab says what?

Harleen looks at the kids sleeping. She leaves. But they are up. Meher comes there. She says are kids asleep? Harleen says do you wanna wake them up now? Don’t disturb the kids. They slept after so long, forgetting you. Meher says di.. I can’t sleep without seeing them. Harleen says they just slept and they don’t want to meet you. Meher says I have to see them. She goes in. All kids close their eyes. Meher looks at them. They pretend to sleep. Karan hides his face with a teddy. Meher is about to kiss Param, he hides his face. Meher sits there and cries.

Scene 4
Meher wakes up. Sarab is sitting and sleeping next to her. Meher says you here.. You didn’t sleep? He holds her hand and says you didn’t sleep either. I will be where you are. Meher says you need rest. Sarab says relax, I hope we are able to convice the kids.

Sarab reads newspaper, Punjab Dal’s new sunrise. Sarab asks Meher did you do all this? Meher says yes, from today we will start a new day for our family and Punjab Dal. Robbie says Meher the posters are ready. It’s a free ambulance servicce from Punjab Dal. Meher says thank you jeej. Meher says we have to make Punjab Dal strong again. We will start an ambulance service. Sarab says why? Meher says when you met an accident, I asked for a lot of help but no one did. Sarab says how did you take me there then? Robbie says in a cart, she dragged it. Meher says I don’t want anyone to suffer through that. Punjab Dal Ambulancce service will trasport patients. You will cut the ribbon. Harleen says is this plan to ruin Punjab Dal again? Sarab says it’s a good idea. Harleen says half of the Punjab considers her a killer. Sarab says I was also wrongfully accused onces. People will think positively about Meher as well. Let’s go Meher ji.

Someone calls Meher. It’s Sidhi. Meher says why don’t you sound okay? Are you still upset? She says no. Meher says what is hurting you? I will come to meet you today. Meher says Sidhi needs me. Sarab says but you just met her. Meher says she’s hiding something frome me. But I can’t leave you alone. Sarab says I will be okay. You should go.