Choti Sardarni 8th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Seher cries. She says we have been trying to look for so long Param is nowhere. Karan says we looked everywhere. Yuvi says I checked the roof as well. Meher says who saw him last? Where is he? Ginni says you and me when you and the kids were deciding who will be the police. Harleen says it’s been an hour. Everyone starts looking for Param. He’s fainted in the store. Meher is worried for Param. Sarab asks security if he went outside. He asks them to check the footage. Robbie comes near the store but doesn’t see Param. Kulwant looks for him everywhere.

Seher and kids look for Param… Seher knocks on the store in frustration. She cries. Karan says he can’t be in the store. Yuvi says it’s locked. The key is also outside. He can’t be here. Seher is worried. Param tries to get up. Param knocks on the door. Seher stops. Param faints again. Seher opens the door. Param is inside. They are shocked to see him fainted on the floor.. Seher screams.. Karan says Param Veer ji open eyes. They call everyone. Everyone rushes there. Yuvi says my brother open your eyes. Everyone comes there. Meher screams Param.. They run his hands. Harleen takes Param’s hand from Meher’s hand. Sarab picks Param and takes him outsdie.

Meher gives Param water. He opens his eyes. Meher says are you okay? He leaves Meher and hugs Sarab. Sarab asks what happened? Meher is confused. Meher says who did this disgusting act of locking Param in the store? Who did it? Param recalls Meher locked him. Meher asks the kids who did it. Seher says I don’t know. Karan says neither do I. Meher says Param who locked you in the store? Param says Meher mama.. You hid me in the store and then locked the door. Meher says me? Everyone is shocked. Param says I asked you where should I hide? You locked me in the store. Where did you go? Meher says why would I lock you in the store room? Meher is confused. She holds her head and starts crying. Harleen says you don’t have an answer right? Don’t have an excuse now? Why did you lock him?

Sarab says I locked Param, not Meher ji. Meher is shocked. Sarab says Meher hid him there but left the door open. I saw the door open so I locked it. I didn’t know Param was inside. I am really sorry Param. If I knew you were there I won’t have done such a mistake. Please forgive me. Param says papa you locked me? Harleen says in Sarab is lying to save Meher. Meher says we are sorry Param. Sarab says I am sorry too. Param holds Meher’s hand and says it’s a special day today. It’s your anniversary. Don’t say sorry. Our result would be out soon too. So it’s time to celebrate. Do know why were we playing this game? Karan says the winner would make you and papa eat the cake first. Seher says we couldn’t find Param so he’s the winner. Param says yayy.

Everyone comes to cut the cake. Sarab says will you express your love with this cake? Meher reveals the cake.. It says I love Karan. Meher is confused. Karan says yayy Meher mama loves me. Everyone is shocked. Harleen says what is this Meher? This is your anniversary cake. What did you want to prove? Meher says I had to write Sarab.. I don’t know how did this happen? Meher holds her head. Sarab says it’s okay. He kisses Meher’s forehead and says I love you too. Kulwant says everyone makes a mistake. Harleen says not a mistake like this. And by mistake, she only wrote Karan’s name? She could write Param? Sarab says this is all Priya’s mistake. Sarab says Priya ji Meher ji told you to bring a new icing cone because it was over. She had to write Param, Seher and Sarab. She says yes it’s my mistake. Sarab says Meher it’s not your mistake. Bring another cone.

Harleen says to Sarab why are you doing this? You think I am a fool? Don’t hide her mistakes. Meher brings a cone and write Param, Seher and Sarab. Yuvi says I am so hungry please cut the cake. Meher and Sarab cut the cake together. Param makes them eat the cake first. Sarab hugs Meher. Kulwant says congratulations. Param says see I won. Karan says it’s okay. I will win in another game. Football result is left, I will be first. Param says papa it’s time. Results would be out on school website.

Sarab plays the live results on the Tv. The host starts announcing the names. Karan says my name would be next.. Param says mine. Karan says my name.. When will it come. Only one name is left of the center forward player who would be the captain of the team. Harleen prays for Param. The host says it is Karan Gill. Everyone claps for Karan. Harleen and Param are upset. Karan says my name is in the team. I won yayy. Who is the captain of the team? Karan. Center forward, player? Karan. Papa get me new shoes. Karan says don’t worry Param, you will get selected in the next game. Pram leaves in anger. Meher and Sarab go after him. Karan says everyone is sad for Param and no one is happy for me? Kulwant says we are all happy for you. See how happy everyone is. Karan says no one looks happy. Harleen says you, idiots, calp for him. Seher says I am happy for you but sad for Param.

Param locks the door. Meher, Sarab, and Harleen ask him to open the door. He says I don’t want to talk to anyone. He hugs his shirt and cries. You did right by burning my t-shirt. I don’t deserve anything. I am a loser. Karan was right. Meher says don’t say that. Harleen says Meher please go from here. This all is happening because of you.

Harleen says this is all your mistake Meher. Sarab says how is that Meher’s mistake? Please stop blaming her. Harleen says yes it’s her mistake. You should see it too. Meher knocks on the door. She says Param you are not a loser. You 100% deserve to be in the team. Param says go from here Meher mama.

Everyone claps and celebrates around Karan. He cries and says I don’t want to celebrate. Mama papa should have been here celebrating for me. But they only love Param. Seher says mama says you and Param are two eyes for her. She has one eye good which is you and the second is not well, which is Param. So she has to treat him well first. Then she would be with both of you.

Harleen says this was all Meher’s plan. Sarab says you say anything. She says you can’t see anyting. It’s your habit of unseeing Meher’s mistake. My eyes are open. I can see Meher’s intentions.