Choti Sardarni 9th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kulwant says Sarab has made rules for Sandhya. She reads. Until Seher’s reports are clear Sandhya will live in this house. If she breaks the rule, she will have to leave the house. Kulwant says Sandhya will stay here as Seher’s nurse only. She will only go to Seher’s room to take care of Seher. she won’t talk to Param, Karan or anyone else. Sandhya says I agree. Kulwant says anything Sandhya makes won’t go to Sarab. Her voice shouldn’t go to Sarab. Kulwant says Sandhya will eat, sleep in the guestroom only. Kulwant gets teary. Kulwant says wow, you have made amazing rules and Sandhya has agreed to all of them. Please keep her for Seher now. Sarab nods. Sarab says she has to sign the papers.

Yvui is drowned in flour. Rana says Yuvi what is this.. He says I was hungry. Ginni says why didn’t you eat? He says did you get me anything? She says I told you to ask Jeeto. Bitu is massaging Jeeto’s head. Ginni says Yuvi is hungry and you are doing romance here. Jeeto says I am no one’s servant. Ginni says I am not a chef either. They both fight. Jeeto says I have been working since morning. Jeeto counts the list of things she did. Bitu and Rana fight because of them.

Seher says mama talks to her friend. Param says there is no such thing. Sarab says papa doesn’t like mama’s friend. Karan says breaking news, mama’s friend will stay here. Seher says so we can talk to mama? Karan says she’s not allowed anything. Papa has made rules for her that she can’t talk to anyone. She will live in out house.

Kulwant sets out the house for Sandhya. She says should I get more pillows? Sandhya says everything is okay. I am here for few days only. I hope Seher gets better. Kulwant says I am sorry on Sarab’s behalf. He is like this since Meher is gone.

Meher’s imagination says to Sarab, would you behave this way with any other nurse too? She is serving our daughter and you.. Sarab says I what? Sarab says I am letting her stay here because of Seher only. Meher says with all those rules? Sarab says they are important. Sandhya says I will be happy here don’t worry. Kulwant leaves. Sadnhya sees a lizard in outhouse. She gets scared.

Ginni says you will make the food or I will tell mummy ji. Jeeto says I am not scared of mummy ji. Ginni says my shoe is scared of her only. Yuvi laughs. Kulwant comes ome and picks her shoes. Yuvi is ready that she will hit them. Kulwant says have to cook only right? I will cook. Everyone is shocked. Kulwnt says what do you want to eat? Yuvi says why didn’t you teach Jeeto and Ginni a lesson? She says your bua always said I get angry a lot. I never listened to her but now.. I will. I will use Meher’s formula. See what happens now.

Sarab asks Seher how are you now? She says thank you for letting Sandhya stay. I am so happy. I have so much to talk to her about. Sarab says papa got you new toys. A new doll house, we will play with it. Seher says why are you so mad at mama’s friend. Sarab says she’s only your nurse. Where is Karan? Seher says in the washroom.

Sarab looks for Karan. Param says he didn’t go to the washroom. Sarab goes to Sandhya’s room and says I told you not to break the rules. I know Karan is inside. Open the door. You broke the rule. Sandhya opens the door. Sarab checks everywhere. He sees a sheet.

Kulwant serves food to Yuvi. Jeeto says today food would be so much fun. Ginni says thank God mummy ji you made the food otherwise this Jeeto would say that she did favor on us. Kulwant says mother lives for her kids. First I will make you all eat pulao. She gives them imaginary food. Rana says this is nothing. Kulwant says imaginary pulao. Eat it now. Yuvi laughs at them. He says eat it.
Sarab takes off the sheet. It’s a sack only. Sarab leaves in anger. Sandhya locks the door. Harleen scolds Karan and says why are you so naughty. Everyone was looking for you. She says Sarab he was on the roof. He was sitting with the railing. If I didn’t se.. Sarab says Karan did you go to Sandhya’s room? Did she speak to you? Karan is scared.