Dhadkan 10th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Deepika calling the rehab to get Vikrant’s updates. Cedric takes the call and says I own and run this facility. Deepika asks do we know each other. He says no, why. She asks about Vikrant. He says you mean, Dr. Vikrant Saxena, he is cooperating with us, he is my old friend, detox will complete next week, I will take care of her. Deepika thanks him. Cedric asks the man not to give medicines to Vikrant, he will manage. Abhay presents Tony’s case to Vinayak. He tells the heart treatment process. Ashwin nods. He says you did your homework well. Abhay says I m assisting in heart transplant, I m really excited. Vinayak says you aren’t assisting me in any surgery, you aren’t ready to enter the OT.

Abhay says sorry, but why, I m fully prepared for the surgery. Vinayak says there is a big difference in a doctor and a surgeon, you know theory, you should be smart to become a surgeon, you are nowhere a surgeon, you can study hard, if you have no courage and confidence, then this knowledge is useless, your dad has made you a coward, else you could have become something. Abhay says my ex dad didn’t make me anything, because he left me and my mum, he ran away, he had no guts and courage to keep responsibilities, my mum had raised me alone, she has the courage to raise me alone, I m my mum’s son, she has given me courage, so I can ignore your opinion, I will become the best surgeon soon, I don’t need to assist you, you note what I told you. He goes. Vinayak smiles. Abhay looks for Chakravorty. He finds Chakravorty fallen on the ground. Deepika runs to see. Abhay checks Chakravorty. Deepika asks what happened to him. Vinayak tells the condition. He says we have to replace his heart valve. Chakravorty says I didn’t know this. She says you are a cardiac surgeon, how don’t you know. Vinayak says that’s why, doctors don’t treat themselves. He introduces himself. Deepika recalls Abhay’s words. She says you will be doing this surgery right. He says I m already running late for other surgery scheduled. She asks who will do Chakravorty’s surgery. He says he needs a transplant in four hours, I m sure there are other cardiac surgeons also. Ashwin says we don’t have the valve for replacement surgery right now, it will take some days. Vinayak says we don’t have much time, my colleague will operate on Chakravorty, he should get shifted to MJ hospital. Deepika says I will come with you. Chakravorty says no, you can’t leave from the hospital.

Deepika says no, my junior doctors will handle. A serious case comes. He says you are needed here. Deepika asks Abhay to go with Chakravorty. She goes to check the patient. Vikrant worries. Ismail comes. Vikrant asks for a dose. Ismail says you have to detox, I can’t give you medicines. Vikrant says I m a doctor, its impossible, I know Cedric is taking revenge on me. He falls. He asks Ismail to let him make a call. Ismail gives his phone. Vikrant thanks him. He recalls Deepika’s number and calls her. He leaves an audio message. He says Cedric is taking revenge on me, they aren’t giving me medicines, please come and take me. Deepika is with her team. Ansari says if Vikrant was here, then he would have handled this case. Abhay checks Chakravorty. He says there is fluid accumulating near the heart, heart can fail. He worries. They are on the way to the hospital.

Deepika removes the rod from the patient’s head. She asks Sia to call Abhay and ask for Chakravorty. Sia says sorry, I can’t call him, ask someone else. Peroz and Ansari attend Neele baba. Ansari says I asked you to come on time, you got late, you had to come three weeks ago. Neele baba says I didn’t come here for treatment, but to thank you, I have lived well, I did everything I wanted. Ansari gives him oxygen supply. He asks the stats. Peroz tells him. He says we can’t do anything, it will give him pain and suffering. Ansari says we can do lungs transplant surgery. Peroz says his body can’t tolerate that surgery, you have given lecture on life and let him go. Ansari says do as I say. Abhay calls Vinayak and updates about Chakravorty. He says we can’t have only hope, we have to do something. Vinayak says I know what to do, but you can’t do. Abhay says I can follow your instructions and operate on him, else he won’t survive. Vinayak says okay, listen to me. He guides Abhay on call. He says there will be more risk if you do this procedure wrong, are you sure. Abhay says its done, Chakravorty is better now. Vinayak says okay, do constant monitoring and take him to MG hospital soon. Deepika asks Sia are you fine. Sia says yes, Abhay and I broke up. Deepika says sorry, I didn’t know, I m here if you want to talk anytime, always. Sia says Abhay has feelings for someone else, he was hiding it from me, that thing has hurt me a lot. Deepika asks was he cheating you, I can’t think he can do this with you. Sia asks am I stupid to trust him, I m so angry, why didn’t I understand before, I feel like a fool to love a cheat. Deepika says no, you aren’t a fool, I m not defending Abhay, relations are live entities, like people are complicated, relations are also complicated. Sia says I get that, but trust, loyalty, it should be simple, Abhay cheated on me, I felt bad that he hid things from me, a girl expects just honesty from her fiance. Deepika says you are right, expectations never get fulfilled, we get disappointed and hurt, we get cheated from one we trust, don’t expect, life will get easy, I believe that. Sia says yes, maybe you are saying right, thanks for talking to me.

Deepika gets Vikrant’s audio message. She calls Ismail. She says I got a call from this number, whose number is this. He asks are you Deepika, I m Ismail, Vikrant’s treatment is going wrong here, please take him. Peroz says Ansari, you can’t hurt baba more by keeping him on ventilator, let him die in peace. Ansari stops. Neele baba smiles seeing Ansari. He dies. Ansari says last time the people who came with baba, baba taught them a doha. He closes Neela baba’s eyes. Peroz says baba had come alone, no one will claim him. Ansari says I m claiming him, I will do his final rites, I couldn’t save him, but will send him well. Peroz nods. Deepika goes to rehab and asks for Vikrant. Cedric comes and says oh, its you, Vikrant’s doctor, you could have told me, you are Vikrant’s wife, Deepika. She says its you, Cedric, you got caught cheating in the exam, Vikrant got you caught. Cedric says just one exam, I couldn’t prepare because my mum was ill, he was arrogant, he reported about me and my medical career got spoiled. She says you are taking revenge by torturing me, its good that Vikrant didn’t let you become a doctor, I will shut down your rehab. He says go ahead, I will tell everyone about Vikrant, he is a drug addict, I should have done this, I can destroy his career in a second, I didn’t do, I m a better person than him. She says you are a sadist, a loser, you torture your patients. He says enough, ask anyone, my center is flawless, its the most trusted track record. She says really, you just tortured Vikrant. He says because he deserves torture, not care. She says no, he has come as a patient, I will report you. He says go ahead, we know our center will get a clean chit, our record will defend us, people will know about Vikrant, it will be his loss, I can bet that he was doing medical practice under drugs use, he will be jailed, am I right, you report me, I will report Vikrant, then lets see who wins, whose career gets destroyed this time. She says I m taking Vikrant from here. He says I will get sad, I would have loved to spend time with him. She asks where is Vikrant. He calls Ismail and says take madam. She goes to see Vikrant. Ansari stops Sia and says you are right, I m wrong, I give an opinion to anyone, everyone has knowledge here and doesn’t need it, I was wrong. She says okay, why are you saying this to me. He says happy realization, that was my patient, I let him go away, I thought that was the best, I told you about Abhay’s cheating to disturb you, I was wrong, I think you were right. She says you think I will forgive you, no, no chance, you will always be a disgusting and useless person for me, always. She goes.

Deepika sees Vikrant and holds him. He says Cedric, leave me, don’t come close. She says listen to me, I m Deepika. He says you have come, take me from here. He hugs her. She asks him to relax, everything will be fine. She asks him to take medicines. He takes medicines. Vinayak talks to Chakravorty on call. He says your valve replacement surgery went well, Abhay saved you. Chakravorty says Abhay will become a good surgeon one day, you always say that you wanted someone to pass your legacy, I think Abhay deserves it, if you had a son, then he would be like Abhay. Vinayak asks him to take rest. Abhay comes and says Chakravorty is recovering well. Vinayak says I got the update, good job, you did well today, I was wrong about you, you can become a surgeon, I decided to train you, I will mentor you, I will get you transferred to MG hospital, you can learn from me there, you aren’t a coward, your mum raised you well with guts, courage and confidence, I want to give this to you, to appreciate your good work. He gives the stethoscope. Abhay recalls his words. He says no thanks, I already have my stethoscope, my mum had bought this for me, I will use this all my life, thanks. He leaves. Vinayak shouts stop. Abhay asks Girija and Jigna. Vinayak gets shocked seeing Girija with Abhay. Deepika asks Vikrant to come inside. He looks at her house. He says I had imagined our house like this only. He smiles.