Dhadkan 12th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Abhay looking at Deepika. She asks what are you seeing like that. She goes. Peroz talks to Riddhima. Deepika come and asks her about the pain. Riddhima says I have burning pain after I eat the food, I take anticids, I often vomits, some blood came in vomit, so I came here and got admitted. Peroz says I think she has an ulcer. Deepika says do an x-ray, your ulcer might have a hole, it might be dangerous, there can be swelling in the abdominal line, it can be life threatening, we have to prepare you for surgery. Riddhima says seems like a big surgery, I don’t know anyone here, my friends stay busy. Deepika says don’t worry, we will take care of you. Riddhima says I have to call producer and say that I can’t work today. Deepika says its not a matter of one day. Riddhima asks are you sure. Deepika goes. Riddhima asks does she have anger management issues. Peroz says not every day, its special today. Vikrant checks Deepika’s cupboard. He sees her clothes. He gets a box. He opens it and sees their pics. He smiles. He sees his love letters, cards and gifts. He sees a dried rose. He keeps everything back. He keeps the box in the cupboard. Police gets a criminal and asks Dr. Ali to see. Ansari says he was there in the bank scam. Sia hears him. Meena says he is Mehul, many families got ruined because of him. Constable says he didn’t eat anything since two days, he is vomiting. Inspector says we can’t leave him alone, he might run away, constable will go with him. Dr. Ali asks why did you get him to a private hospital. Inspector says his family demanded this, they said they will pay the bill. Sia tells about Basheer’s case. Ali says book the OT for the surgery. Deepika collides with Abhay and goes. Abhay goes to her.

Abhay says you wanted to know why I left your team. She says no. He says for you, because I can’t do this, I couldn’t stay in the team and see you, work with you, I had developed feelings for you. Deepika gets shocked. Abhay says I just think about you, I have fallen for you, Deepika. He looks at her. She gets ready for the surgery. She goes. Ansari says Mehul’s stomach has some stones and metal pieces. Dr. Ali asks him to take him for surgery. Ansari asks Meena for the OT booking. She says its not free, surgeries are going on, Sia’s patient is in pre-op. Sia says I booked the OT first. Ansari says I need the OT now. She says I can’t be late. They argue. She says your patient is a criminal, a family died because of him you want to save him, shall I leave my patient. He says we are doctors, not judge. She says I booked the OT first, I have to take the patient first. Deepika instructs Peroz about post op.

She gets Vikrant’s call. Abhay comes and looks at her. Vikrant says go to your cabin once. She says I have no time for stupid games. He says please, once. She says okay. She goes to her cabin. Dr. Ali says Deepika’s surgery is over, you may go there. Ansari thanks him. Deepika asks what’s all this. Vikrant says I know food ordering, you didn’t eat anything since night, I want to know by when will you come home. She asks why are you doing this. He says because I shouted on you, you are trying to help me, you had to lie to my wife, I want to apologize to you. She asks did you say truth to her. He says Aditi is my wife, she can’t understand why you are helping me, she will think we have an affair, its not like that, I promise to call her on time and to have detox well and leave your house soon, okay. She says okay. He says have food, promise me you will take care. She says promise. She eats the food.

Sia comes to Dr. Ali and gives the updates. Ansari says Mehul is fine now. Dr. Ali says good job. Sia and Ansari argue again. She calls him hopeless and goes. Ali comes to advice Ansari. Ansari asks what did you say, I didn’t understand. Ali explains him. Ansari says oh, you mean to say that, what if the trouble gives fun. Ali says then all the best. Deepika checks Peroz’s patient Riddhima. Abhay comes. He sees Deepika. Deepika checks Riddhima. She asks Abhay to repeat the tests, inform her when test results come. Abhay goes. Riddhima asks what does this mean. Deepika says you might have some issues, its too bad. Riddhima says no one scolded me so much till now. Deepika says I m sorry. Riddhima says that’s okay, many people shouted on me but they had no concern for me, like you have, I should have taken care, I will take care now, thanks. Deepika says take care. She goes.

Vikrant calls Deepika and says I have taken medicines on time, I m fine, don’t worry. She says sorry, I should have called and asked you. He says you were busy, I m fine, do your work well, I will see tv. She goes to Riddhima. She asks Abhay why didn’t he call her. He says I consulted Ashwin, we don’t need you on this case. She asks him to come and talk to her.

Abhay comes to her cabin. He says you want to talk now, you didn’t say a word when I spoke my feelings, why now. She says I had nothing to say, I didn’t expect you to say all that. He says its not sudden, since last few weeks, we have spent much time together, right, you came to my house, the way you handled mum, I felt this for you, something different, I m struggling with my feelings since long, I m trying to ignore, after getting engaged with Sia, I tried to end this feeling and tried to go away from you, its just not happening, the feelings are there, please tell me, tell me that you also feel the same for me, its mutual, right. She says no, there is nothing between us, Abhay. He says no Deepika, I m not crazy to imagine this, you hugged me and cried, we laughed together, we came closer. She says yes, but like friends, like two friends laugh, cry and come close, I like you, but as a friend, that’s it. He says you are lying, why did you feel bad when I left the team. She says you didn’t give me any reason. He says this is the reason, I started liking you, I have fallen for you. She says you are confused, this is nothing. He says no, I m not confused, you can lie to yourself, please don’t tell me what I feel, I know what I feel, I know you feel the same way for me. She says no, I don’t feel the same way for you. He asks why, because you are involved with Vikrant, I have seen you two together, I wasn’t sure, I m sure now, you have an affair with Vikrant, right. She says you don’t know what you are saying, you have no right to accuse me. He says its about you, you are having an affair with a married man, you are making me away for him. She says I wanted to explain politely, your immaturity is the reason for this, you don’t understand love, else you would have not spoken such cheap things with me, I m done. She goes. Ali asks Sia to come for the party. She says I m in. He says great, lets rock then, come. They go to the ICU. He says welcome to the party, three patients had the organ transplant surgeries today, monitor them. He instructs them. He says Sia will be the team leader tonight, call me only in crisis situation, enjoy the party. He goes. Deepika comes home. She sees the dinner surprise. Vikrant says welcome back, dinner is ready, I didn’t cook, I ordered, don’t get happy. She asks did you take drugs again. He laughs and says no, I just took medicines, go and freshen up. She asks why did you order so many things. He says I would not know your fav things. She says you could have asked me. He says you could have lied, I will see your real expressions. She asks is food allowed without getting fresh. He says this is you, that’s the reason that doctors are defamed for not keeping personal hygiene. She eats the burger. They laugh. Mai dhundne….plays….

Abhay stops his bike and throws his bike. He thinks of Deepika. He cries. Vikrant takes a bath and comes. Deepika comes to the room and looks at him. She says I m sorry, I forgot you are here, I will come again. He says its okay, this is your room, take your time, sleep here, I will sleep outside. He wears his tshirt and takes the blanket for him. He goes. She shuts the door. She gets her clothes.

Sia asks Ansari for funnel flask. Ansari keeps the flask and says I can get it, but I have a better idea, you go and take it. Sia goes and takes it. He says I will have some air and come. She says you have to calculate patient’s input and outside. He says I can’t take your orders. She says I m the team leader, you have to do what I say. He says its timepass, I m the official team leader in emergency. She says I know what you are. He says say those words once. She says a patient needs a doctor, but someone who tortures others, you are a disgusting, useless and nonsense person, respect your work, do your job. He says right. Peroz says he is behaving weird today, ignore him and work. Deepika changes and comes. She says the sofa is smaller for you, I fit there. He says its okay. She goes to the window. She says read a book, reading on phone isn’t good for the eyes. He says I know. She says tough day, I was disturbed when I came home. He comes to her. He asks what happened. She says I can handle it, your stupid dinner layout made my mood good, thanks. He says you have done a lot for me, I don’t deserve it, maybe, but you deserve a lot, I can make your mood better. She says you can do something, go to bedroom and sleep, I m a doctor, I m worried for your backache. They laugh. Abhay looks at them.