Dhadkan 13th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Abhay calling Deepika and asking her to come down to meet him, he is at the gate. She asks what are you saying. He insists. She goes to meet him. He asks how can you have an affair with Vikrant, he is married. She says you are jealous of him, you don’t know the truth, accept the rejection gracefully and move on, why did you become a stalker. He says I m not a stalker. She says I didn’t expect this from you. He says I also didn’t expect this from you, its your life. Vikrant sees them arguing. Abhay says stay with Vikrant and have an affair with him, he is toxic, he will ruin your life, I m not stalking, I m genuinely concerned for you. He leaves.

Ali asks the team to go home. He asks Sia how is she liking to be a team leader, its tough to boss Ansari. She says he is a sad person, he deserves to get scolded, he enjoys it. He smiles. She says please explain Ansari, it will be a big favor on the human race. Ali asks does he affect you so much, he wants to anger you and make you say those words to him. She asks but why, who enjoys his insult. He says people do strange things, when a pain crosses limits, then it stops paining, people start enjoying the pain, you are young, I m not, I will advice you, don’t let Ansari make you do this, think. He goes. She sees Ansari there. She goes.

Deepika comes upstairs. She sits thinking. Vikrant asks all good, where did you go. She says I went for a walk. He says I know you don’t like to walk, you hate it, right. She asks do you want something. He says I came to take water. She gives the water bottle. He thanks her and goes. Deepika and Abhay hear a patient’s problem. The girl says I m fine, I don’t like to stay sad, you all chill, I m going on a trip with my friends. She says my parents are overprotective, they don’t want to me to go by giving health excuse. Abhay asks does she always stay happy. The lady says yes, sometimes she talks much and then becomes silent. Abhay says her pulse is irregular. Deepika says send some junior resident. He says everyone worked late, I m here until they come. She asks the couple to wait outside. She asks Abhay to run the opioid abuse tests for Mala, symptoms are such. Abhay goes thinking about Vikrant. Ansari greets Sia and asks how did you like becoming a team leader for one night, I m the team leader now. She ignores him. She says I will be changing clothes, will you sit here or go. He rushes out. She smiles. Abhay gets Mala’s reports and says Mala isn’t taking drugs, the toxins reports are negative. Deepika says but symptoms are of drug abuse. He says just like Vikrant, you are taking care of him, he should be at rehab. She says I m a doctor, I know the detox process. He asks why you, his wife should take care of him, why you, he is using his drug addiction for you. She says you are making stories, just leave, I m busy. He goes.

Deepika says we have to do Mala’s tests, come with me. She takes Mala’s parents outside. She says her mood swings, it might be a mental health issue, consult a psychiatrist once. The lady says she is young, young kids are moody. Deepika says you are worried for her physical health as good parents, mental health is also imp, I m saying this because I have observed her, there should be no harm in checking. The man agrees. Deepika says I will take an appointment. She goes.

Abhay comes to Deepika. She asks him to go. He asks did you tell Chakravorty that Vikrant is a drug addict, did you report. She says I m handling. He says its wrong. She says he is detoxing. He says you are doing wrong, you want to hide the truth, too bad, I will report about his condition. She calls Vikrant. She rushes to stop Abhay. They see Vikrant there. Vikrant goes to Chakravorty’s cabin. Abhay comes in. Chakravorty says come later, I m talking. He asks Vikrant how is he now. Vikrant says I recovered from the car accident, but I took leave from the hospital for detox and rehab. Abhay asks why did Vikrant come here. Vikrant says I m detoxed, I m ready to join the hospital. Chakravorty says I don’t like unsolved mysteries, were you stealing the drugs. Vikrant says yes, I was wrong, I m ready to get punished. Chakravorty says addiction is the illness, its a big step towards recovery to accept this, patient’s safety is imp, you can work if you come clean, if you take drugs again, then sorry, I have to report and cancel your license. Vikrant says of course. Chakravorty asks are you sure you want to join back, take more time for detox. Vikrant says you are right, detox needs much time, Deepika helped me in recovery, she supported me, I m ready to join. Chakravorty says welcome back to FMS. Deepika and Abhay look on. Vikrant goes. Chakravorty calls Deepika for a talk. She goes to him.

Ansari comes to tell the work to Peroz. Sia talks to him sweetly. He goes. She says I spoke to him politely, it might work. Chakravorty asks why did you hide about Vikrant’s addiction, why, you have used me to cover up for Vikrant. Abhay looks on. She says I m sorry. Chakravorty says you forgot how your last job was snatched, I have fought the management to get your job, you made sacrifices in life to become a surgeon. She says I remember. He says if anything happens wrong, then can you say sorry to yourself, you disappointed me, I told you, your passion and ethics didn’t change, your emotion for Vikrant is affecting your professional decision, its your first mistake so I m warning you, next time, you can’t work in FMS or anywhere else. She goes. Abhay comes to her cabin. He says you saved Vikrant, he told chief that you are helping him, he trapped you. She asks him to go. He says don’t let Vikrant use you. She asks him to get out. He says see what he did to you. She shouts get out. He leaves and sees Vikrant. Vikrant comes to her and asks all okay. She asks what did you talk to Chakravorty. He says that you helped me in detox, why, I didn’t strike, I m sorry, its not your mistake. She says no, its my mistake, I didn’t tell Chakravorty about your addiction, its between me and my Guru, don’t involve, why did you join so soon. He says I was feeling good and mentally strong, so I came, I don’t want to sit idle, trust me, if anything goes wrong, I will come to you, I will see you, thanks.

Ali says welcome back Vikrant. Sia and everyone greet Vikrant. Vikrant says I hope juniors didn’t trouble you. Ali says jokers entertain, not trouble. They laugh. They see a boy injured. Vikrant checks the boy Junaid. He treats him. Deepika says Mala has IBS, you can get her back later. The man says psychiatrist tested her, she has bipolar disorder. The lady says we would have not known this if you didn’t say, thanks. Deepika says thanks for taking mental health seriously, she will be fine soon. She asks Mala to go home. Mala nods. Deepika says life is like a weather, it keeps changing, just say whatever you are feeling, accept it, then you will understand the difference between sunlight and rain, you may not feel good today, you will feel good tomorrow. Mala holds her hand. Deepika says take care. Mala nods. Vikrant and Ansari treat Junaid. Sia says I made Ansari do what I wanted. Ali says improvement, congrats, but don’t take Ansari lightly, he is rooted. Sia says don’t worry, I just look cute, I won’t let anyone manipulate me, Abhay and Ansari can’t beat me. Ali says you are my fav, all the best. She thanks him. Peroz asks what was this. She says nothing. He says you were talking to him like you both are childhood friends. Sia says yes, I like him. He asks what are you saying. She says I m single, I want to explore, not a big deal, falling for new guys, going on dates, finding out possibilities. He says you don’t sound like Sia. She says I m changing, this is Sia 2.0, don’t worry, come for a drink. He says I m tired, next time. She says I m going. He says don’t go alone, I m coming. They leave. Vikrant says I m feeling good saving patients’ lives today. Deepika says you are fit to work, you were right, well done. He thanks her and goes. Abhay looks on. He says you were helping him in detox, he got fit now, he won’t stay with you, right. She goes to Chakravorty. He asks what do you want.

She says your forgiveness, you are my Guru, I have learnt everything from you, I m really sorry for disappointing you, this won’t happen again, whatever I did for Vikrant, I didn’t do that for my feelings, I did it to help him, I should have told you, I m wrong, I thought I can handle this, I m not so weak to change my ethics for a man. He says I don’t believe this. She says its the truth. He says you think so, I know you since 10 years, you can’t do this, you can do this if you love Vikrant. She says you are thinking wrong. He says I hope the same.

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