Dhadkan 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Deepika seeing Abhay and Sia’s work. She chooses Sia. Abhay tries to justify his surgery moves. He impresses Deepika. Deepika says well done, I asked you to do this mock surgery just to see if you will just follow instructions, or think yourself, Abhay wins. Abhay and Sia have an argument. Vikrant asks Ansari to buck up, else he will be lagging behind. His hand gets shaken up. He quickly leaves. Rachna sends Karan for his surgery. She says we have an age difference, everyone judges us wrongly, we don’t look a perfect couple like you and Sia. Abhay thinks of Deepika. He says we can’t say so by seeing someone, don’t worry, we will do our best to make Karan fit and fine. Peroz and Ansari come to Deepika and says something is wrong with Vikrant, he shouldn’t go for the operation. Deepika says everyone has mood swings. They ask her to come and see once. She goes to see. Vikrant asks did you come to see the surgery of conjoined twins. He asks Peroz and Ansari to join him, its a complicated surgery. He says they didn’t wish to stay together, then I explained them, they want to stay together now, we always had to stay together, I believe we will also get together in the end, its my belief, do you agree.

Deepika goes. She prepares for the surgery. Abhay goes to get the drug viles. He asks about the stock. Jignesh says I have put the stock myself. Abhay says I want the medicines fast. Jignesh says I will send it. Abhay says congrats, the surgery went well. Rachna thanks Deepika. Vikrant looks at Deepika. He goes to get the drugs again. Abhay says Aai has come, you come with me. He takes Sia. Girija is with Jigna. She smiles seeing Sia. Abhay says come for checkup. Girija asks does he know you are a cheat, you have an affair with someone else, I know it, you can’t hide anything. Abhay asks do you have any problem in coming. Ansari looks on. Abhay takes Girija with him. Ansari says Sia, keep standard high, Abhay’s mum said he is a cheater. Sia says she has dementia, she tells anything. Ansari says you are sure that its a lie, Abhay’s face got pale, did you see that or not.

Chakravorty says get Girija for check up next month. Abhay thanks him. He goes to Deepika and tells about the missing drugs. Ansari and staff have a talk. Peroz comes and argues with Ansari. Ansari says lets bet. Peroz says get ready to lose. Ansari says we will see then. Abhay and Deepika reach the hospital. He says you said I m overreacting about the missing drugs theft, I m still worried. She says we can’t report this to Chakravorty without any proof, did you see anyone with behavior changes. Abhay says no. Vikrant looks on and hears them. She says no one can access that locker without code, I will talk to Chakravorty. Vikrant comes to the drugs room and talks to Chakravorty. He sees the code punched by Chakravorty.

Vikrant says I expect a lot from Ansari, the dark horse of the team. Chakravorty says you have one or two days to decide now. He goes. Vikrant unlocks by using Chakravorty’s code. He takes the drugs. Ansari handles a stubborn girl. She shouts a lot. He asks her to open her mouth, he will stand here until she does it. She says I will never open my mouth. He says you will open mouth to have food, how will I check. The lady says I don’t have time, do something. Peroz convinces the girl by asking her to have burgers and icecreams. Vikrant keeps the drugs in the drawer. He recalls Deepika’s words. He goes and checks a patient Toral. He asks Sia to go and send Deepika. He sends her. Abhay says there would be some way to find out who is stealig the drugs, I will report to the seniors. Jignesh says I m also finding out, many doctors have taken the doctors, how will we find it, that man is using other doctor’s codes and picking the drugs, we can’t catch him unless he makes a mistake. Sia says Vikrant is calling you in emergency, he is insisting you to come.

Deepika goes. Abhay asks where is Deepika. Sia says she is in emergency dept. He says okay, I will go for work. Sia says I will come, why did your mum say that you are cheating me. He says she has dementia, she thinks I m Vinayak. She says right. Deepika comes to Vikrant. She says I have to attend post doc patients. He says you will stay here with me, Abhay and Sia will be there today. She says I can’t ignore the patients like this. They see Toral’s pulse dropping and pump her heart. He says she is your patient. Abhay checks an old man Pramod’s legs. Pramod doesn’t hear it well. Abhay shouts to explain. Sia comes and makes Pramod wear the hearing aid. Peroz gets a burger for Alia. He asks her to open her mouth. She bites his finger. The lady says you tricked her, so she did this. Ansari says I will eat this burger if you don’t let him see. Peroz checks and says its ulcer. The lady says its happening since a month, I didn’t get the blood reports. Ansari says you should have got the reports. Alia says we can check it online. The lady says she eats a lot, but loses weight. Ansari says its not good. Peroz says we have to do some tests. Peroz says we have to do her biopsy. She asks why, its done for cancer. Peroz says we are doing it to rule out cancer.

Deepika and Vikrant talk about the case. Abhay comes to talk to her. Vikrant says she is busy, you can ask me. She goes. Abhay tells about Pramod’s case. Vikrant criticizes him. Abhay also taunts him. Peroz convinces Alia and sends her for biopsy. Sulbha asks will it pain. He says yes, its bone marrow biopsy, anesthesia doesn’t work on bones. Abhay and Sia have a talk about Pramod’s case. He asks her to handle the case. She says I have some things of my own to do, you go and see Pramod. She goes.

Peroz sees Alia in pain. He goes out and cries. Deepika motivates him. She says a good doctor is someone who forgets that he is a human, just be a doctor. He says you are right. Sia says I gave him the wrong dose. Abhay asks her to move aside. Pramod scolds them. Abhay says sorry. He asks Sia not to make such mistakes and focus on work, not him. Peroz talks to Alia and diverts her. The biopsy is done. Ansari says reports will come after a week, we will call you.

Deepika comes to Vikrant. He hides the drugs. He asks her to be on the same floor. Ansari and Peroz argue. Peroz says competition isn’t over. Pramod asks is he your BF. Sia says no, fiance. Pramod asks do you doubt him, you should be doubtful, just believe yourself, many people cheated me, if anyone cheats, it hurts a lot. Abhay says we can’t find out who is stealing the drugs, but someone is stealing. Deepika says I will talk to Chakravorty, we have to push the management. Abhay smiles and says we make a good team, you were saying about a drug addict’s erratic behavior, what do you think about Vikrant, I feel his mood swings are abnormal, didn’t you notice. She says no, its just his personality, he is such. Abhay asks are you sure about him.