Dhadkan 6th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Suman getting Vikrant to the hospital. Deepika runs to attend him. Chakravorty says congrats Ansari, Abhay didn’t come in final round, you performed well, you are now the team leader. Ansari thanks him. Ansari asks Peroz not to get jealous and congratulate him. Peroz says you didn’t win on merit. Ansari says its good if you think so. Deepika treats Vikrant. She says Vikrant was conscious at that time, he will recover soon. Suman says go and get your senior doctor. Deepika says I will call, but Vikrant will be in problem, any senior doctor will know that he was taking drugs, he might land in jail, shall I call the doctor now. Suman asks do you have an affair with him. Deepika says no way. Suman says I m elder to you, I m not foolish, you didn’t tell seniors about his drug addiction. Deepika says no, he was going to Delhi. Suman asks did he say this, he did his accident intentionally, he put our lives in risk, you know what he told, he wanted to see if you care for his life and death. Deepika asks are you sure that he meant about me. Suman says yes, he doesn’t care for his wife, you are the reason for the bad that happened with him. Deepika says you have to be with him. Suman says I will not tell this to anyone, you handle this matter now, spare me. She leaves.

Abhay says Sia didn’t tell me anything, but I told her the truth, she is much hurt. Peroz asks did you guys break up. Abhay says no, don’t know. Sia comes. She returns the ring to Abhay. He asks what are you doing, say something. She asks Peroz did you know that Abhay is cheating on me. Peroz asks how could I tell you. She says I thought we are friends, this is unbelievable, I will never talk to you, I m breaking up with Abhay and you also, I m quitting. She goes.

Deepika says Vikrant met with an accident, head trauma, there is no brain damage. Chakravorty says if you are uncomfortable in handling this case, I will give it to someone else. She says I m okay. He says I will come to see him. She goes to her cabin. She drinks water. Sia comes and says I have to talk about Meenal. Deepika asks what. Sia says I want to talk about myself. Deepika asks are you okay. Sia says no, not okay, I don’t deserve to become a doctor, I can never forgive myself for Meenal’s death, this is the truth, I m a bad doctor, such doctors are risk for patients, I have decided, I want to quit. Deepika says relax, it doesn’t work like this, ask any senior doctors, this happens with everyone, if every doctor gets guilty and quits, then there will be no doctors. Sia says a patent died because of me, I can’t continue like this. Deepika says you will remember Meenal all life, this is your punishment, trust me, you have to answer the seniors, its also a punishment. She says this profession is of a high responsibility, we are humans, we can make mistakes, attend this conference if you are guilty, face the criticism and become a good doctor, cowards quit, you are not a coward. Sia says you are right, I m not a coward. Deepika says great, do your work, I will make sure that I make your life hell, you will get the punishment, Ansari is the team leader, this punishment is enough for you. Sia nods.

Peroz says our time is running bad. Abhay says yes, I had many plans, I was so focussed, I had to become the best cardiac surgeon, better than my ex-dad, I got a chance to assist chief, I gave it away for what, for this relationship, this nonsense, I want to give a good life to mum, I have less time for this, how did I forget this, I will be focussed now.

Deepika checks Vikrant and asks his name. He says Vikrant Saxena. She asks where are you. He says with you at FMS hospital. She says you are fine. He says if you do this, I will get habitual to your care. She says you did this accident intentionally, you could have died. He says I wanted to get your scolding, I got to know you care for me. She says stop behaving stupid, grow up, if anyone sees your blood reports, anyone will know that you are on opioids. He says it means you didn’t report about me. Abhay comes and asks what happened to Vikrant. Vikrant says I met with an accident, I m fine. She says he is fine. Abhay says I need to talk. She says okay, wait in my cabin. He goes. She says Vikrant, you are going to Delhi, I won’t let you get ruined like this. She goes. Ansari commands Peroz. Peroz says I m attending other cases. Ansari asks Meena to call Abhay and Sia. Prince says I think they are boycotting you. Deepika comes to her cabin. She asks why aren’t you there in ER. Abhay says I want to get a transfer in cardio. She asks why, because Ansari is the team leader. He says no, he isn’t imp for me to make career choices, no one is imp. She asks what happened, your decision will affect me, tell me. He says I don’t care if it affects you. She says fine, I will inform Dr. Shetty, thanks. He thanks her and goes.

Ansari orders Sia. She says I won’t take your orders. Ansari gets angry on Sia and Peroz. Deepika comes to Vikrant. She says its the leave letter, sign it, when Chakravorty comes to see you, give it to him. He says I don’t want to go on leave, if you stay with me, then I will leave drugs without rehab. She says I can’t treat you here at the hospital. He says you can treat me at home. She says no, I can’t monitor you 24 hours, I have a job, I have to be here. He says please don’t send me, I need you. She says I have to tell Chakravorty if you don’t listen to me, then you can’t meet or see me. He says don’t say this, I can’t stay without you. She says take a leave and go to rehab, please. He says fine, I will take a leave but not go to Delhi, put me in a rehab here in Mumbai, please. She goes.

Abhay meets Dr. Ashwin Shetty. Ashwin says Deepika praised you, I wanted to welcome you in dept, there is a complex surgery, you will assist me, how did you like our welcome gift. Abhay says my pleasure, I m really grateful, who is the lead surgeon, Dr. Chakravorty. Ashwin says Dr. Vinayak. Abhay gets shocked seeing Vinayak. Ashwin says Abhay will be assisting you tomorrow in the surgery. Vinayak says we will go and see the patient first. Ansari asks Sia to attend the patient. He asks Prince to take patient for tests. Deepika says Vikrant wants to leave, we can let him go, he is a doctor, he can call us if he needs help, he applied for sick leave. Chakravorty signs the papers. He says say sorry to him, I couldn’t go to see him, surgery went long. Vinayak checks the patient. Abhay tells the patient’s history. Vinayak says I know it well, I want the current status, speed up, didn’t you had a better junior. Abhay recalls Vinayak scolding little Abhay. He says don’t compare Abhay with ordinary kids, we have high IQ kids in our family. Girija says don’t pressurize him, its better to encourage him. He says there should be someone to show mistakes, its our mistake to show him the right path. He angrily goes. Girija hugs Abhay. FB ends.

Vinayak asks Abhay to stay with the patient. He says don’t kill my patient overnight. He goes. Abhay gets tensed. Ansari says they are doing duty or doing a favor, Sia is lost, she was quitting when her BF broke her heart, I think Sia should have left, she is a fool, she didn’t know that her BF was cheating her, a doctor needs a mind here. Sia says you would be bored praising me, tell your friends about yourself, allow me, he was scared to lose to me, so he told me that Abhay is cheating on me to disturb my mental state, am I right. She says you didn’t worry for me, you wanted me to focus on the competition, if this is your standard, then congrats, you won, I m dumb and stupid, I can face myself, I m happy that I m not scared, manipulative and selfish like you, you are a third class human being. She goes.

Deepika and Vikrant are on the way to rehab. She says you will be fine, its imp, I know rehab and detox aren’t easy. He says you aren’t replying to my feelings, was there anyone in your life in the past ten years, is there anyone now, don’t tell me that its your personal matter, your eyes show that you feel the same for me, why don’t you accept it, you became more stubborn than before, this doesn’t suit girls, its not attractive. She smiles. She says its good, your feelings for me will end. He smiles.

Peroz comes to Abhay and asks what happened, Sia is angry on me, did you talk to her. Abhay signs no. He says my ex dad Vinayak is here. Peroz asks is he ill, did he come for treatment. Abhay says visiting surgeon, I have to assist him tomorrow. Peroz says you took transfer in cardio to stay away from Sia, now you have to assist your dad, what will you do now. Abhay says I have to face it, I have to become a cardio surgeon, its okay if I have to tolerate my ex dad, it will be tough, no one said that its gonna be easy. Peroz says good luck, are you coming home. Abhay says no, I have to monitor patients, you go, I will meet you tomorrow. Peroz sees Sia leaving. He says friends don’t break up. She says friends don’t hide things. He says forgive me, lets be friends again. She says you chose Abhay over me. He says no, I swear. She says you took his side, lets not complicate it, if you want to stay my friend, then drop Abhay, choose me. She goes.

Deepika drops Vikrant at the rehab. She says I will come to meet you, I will call you, promise, you have to promise, you will listen to them and have complete detox. He says I promise, I know this is the best for me. He hugs her. He goes. She shouts Vikrant. She runs to him and hugs