Dhadkan 7th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Deepika running to Vikrant. She hugs him. He says I knew it, you feel the same for me, I will get separated from Aditi, we will stay together, everything will be fine, this is right, we are made for each other. He holds her close. She wakes up from the dream. She looks around. Vikrant is trying to be strong. A guy asks for his dad. Abhay says you can’t enter ICU, he is stable. The guy asks can I see dad once. Abhay says fine, come. He says pray everything gets fine. The guy says we didn’t like the way Vinayak spoke to us, is he really the best surgeon. Abhay says yes. He recalls Vinayak ignoring him in childhood. Shaurya gets unwell. Abhay asks the nurse to come fast. Deepika checks a patient. The girl tells about the issue. Deepika asks are you a medical student. The girl says yes, we both are third year MBBS students. Deepika checks the guy Rishi. She smiles hearing their arguments.

She says we will go for tests, your diagnosis is right. Abhay saves the patient. Nurse says its good you saved him, else you would have not got saved from Vinayak. Deepika calls the rehab and stops. A man says welcome a new morning in your life, Dr. Purohit. Vikrant asks what’s this name. Another man comes and says his name is Dr. Vikrant Saxena. Vikrant thinks. Abhay rehearses to talk to Vinayak. The guy asks about his dad’s post op care. Abhay gives the care tips. He gets sad and recalls Vinayak’s words. Vinayak comes and asks the patient’s update. Abhay updates the details. Ashwin reads it for him. The guy says I love my dad a lot, just make him fine. Vinayak says I didn’t know that, thanks for saying, else I would have not tried. He goes. Ashwin apologizes on Vinayak’s behalf. He says we will try our best to save him. The guy says his kids will be troubled by him. Abhay says right, his son hates him a lot. The guy asks how do you know. Abhay says I just know. The man says we gave MBBS fourth year exams together, my mom was ill, I couldn’t study, I was copying from chit, you complaint about me, you thought no one deserves better, you killed my hope, I was lucky that dad had money, welcome to my rehab centre, I feel I started this business for you, I pity you, don’t worry, I will take good care of you. Vikrant asks will you take revenge, what do you mean by that. The man Sedrick leaves.

Deepika checks Rishi. She says we shall wait for 12 hours. Rishi says I will tolerate the pain. Deepika calls him Vikrant. The girl asks who. Deepika says my bad, Rishi. An accident patient Pragya is admitted. Ansari says seems a panic attack. Abhay assists Vinayak in the surgery. Vinayak says you stand there, whenever I say, come to help. Sedrick says no need to give any tablets to Vinayak. Ansari gets the scans of Pragya’s tests. She suggests more tests. Sia argues with Ansari. Ansari says I m the team leader.

Sia says but you have a habit to behave like a thief, old habit don’t go off easily. He asks her to go to the patient if she is done. He goes. Vinayak asks Abhay his opinion. Ashwin says Abhay won’t know, he is a first year intern. Vinayak says I knew it when I was an intern. He asks Abhay did he understand. He asks his name. Abhay says Dr. Abhay Sathe. Vinayak says you know the meaning of Abhay, fearless, your personality doesn’t match, you are a coward, your dad didn’t pay attention to you. Abhay recalls the childhood. He gets scared of thundering and hides. He hugs Vinayak and says I m scared. Vinayak makes him away and calls him a coward. He says you have to become a big surgeon like me, not a coward. FB ends. Vinayak says what a fine job, look. He praises his skills. Abhay looks on. Deepika diagnoses the kidney stone. Rishi asks Neeti to go to college and not miss the lecture. Neeti says you are the best BF. She asks Deepika to take care of Rishi well. She goes.

Deepika smiles. He asks why are you smiling. She says I liked to see your relations, Bfs expect their Gfs to stay with them. Rishi says she is a bright student, she comes first always, today’s lecture is imp, I don’t want to come between her studies. She recalls Vikrant. She tells the procedure. He tells he knows. She says correct, you passed. Sia says Pragya has a spinal cord injury, I have already informed Dr. Kumar for the surgery, I will assist him. Ansari says I will assist him. She argues. Vikrant shouts for help. The staff man hears him. Vikrant says I need you Deepika. Ashwin says I didn’t see such a repair in my life, no leak, too much. He praises Vinayak and asks whom will you pass on this legacy. Vinayak says I didn’t find any good student. Ashwin asks don’t you have any son. Vinayak says no, I have no son, I m the best cardiac surgeon, I have no one to pass this wisdom and legacy, its not easy, I m a special talent. Abhay recalls Vinayak telling Girija that he can’t sacrifice himself for her sake. She asks him to think about Abhay. He leaves. She cries. Abhay looks on. FB ends. Abhay says we need more repair time, you need more time too. Deepika is with Rishi. He asks for his phone. She asks are you missing Neeti. He says yes, you should also talk to Vikrant. She goes.

Abhay sees Sia and tries to talk. He goes. Abhay says good news, surgery went well. The guy hugs him and says thanks. Abhay says recovery will need time, take good care of your dad. The guy says I will. Abhay says Shaurya is lucky to get a son like you. The guy says no, I m lucky to get him, mum passed away, he is my mum, dad and friend, I should go and thank Vinayak. Abhay says no, he doesn’t deserve anyone’s thank you. He goes and calls out Peroz. Sia looks on and goes. Peroz stops her and goes to her. Abhay leaves. She says you left Abhay and chose me, I didn’t expect this from you. He says I didn’t expect that he will cheat on you, you were right, so I chose you, simple. She smiles. Ansari says congrats, Pragya’s surgery went well, you are learning, very nice. Sia says really, no thanks. He says you should thank me for help. They ask for what. He says I told everyone that no one will gossip about you and Abhay, I kept you busy in Pragya’s case, to stop you from thinking about Abhay. She scolds him. He says she is still hurt. He goes.

Peroz says too good, nice. Sia says Ansari, Abhay, all they are the same. Deepika sees Vikrant’s cabin. She sees his pic and thinks to call the rehab. She answers a call. The lady says I want to talk to Vikrant, I m his wife Dr. Aditi. Deepika says sorry, he isn’t here, he is busy in a surgery. Aditi says ask him to call me, I m in tension. Deepika says sure, its fine. Aditi asks what is your name. Deepika disconnects. Vikrant says I need you Deepika.