Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 11th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Suman thinking of Shravan’s words. She writes her diary. She says Shravan told about his death, does he think I don’t care, maybe he doesn’t care, I don’t know this Shravan, he never used to hurt anyone’s heart, who is this Shravan, I have to find out. Its morning, Suman checks Shravan’s arm movements. Shravan rotates his arm. She asks him to wear his uniform. Shravan thinks you would be happy if I go. He says Suman would be happy, more than me, I mean she has worked hard to make me fine, she motivated me. Colonel says yes, congrats, shall I inform your unit that you are returning. Shravan sees Suman. Colonel says I m very happy, soldier’s real place is at the field. Shravan says yes. Colonel says best of luck. Suman says I need to talk to you.

He goes. Suman says I felt it strange when you said… she turns and sees him gone. Dumroo gets tea for Ramesh. Ramesh gets Jaiswal’s call. Jaiswal says I have sent some gifts. Ramesh says yes, some men have got the sweets and fruits. Jaiswal says we want to come and meet for the alliance talks, children’s happiness matters. Ramesh says Jaiswal wants to get alliance for Suman. Beena says its good. She tells Kanchan that Vikram’s family wants to talk about marriage. Ramesh says I want to ask Suman. Kanchan says maybe she wants to give surprise. Beena says Vikram would have spoken to his parents after talking to Suman, I m so excited.

Suman comes home. Kanchan feeds her sweets. Suman asks what are we celebrating. Shravan comes. Beena asks him to have sweets. Shravan asks why. Beena says have it first, we were waiting for it, we are going to fix Suman’s engagement. Honton pe tere….plays…. Beena says Vikram’s family wants to meet us to fix the date. Veer says Shravan is in my team, we will decorate the house. Shravan says yes, but I have to return on duty. Beena says you should be here. Ramesh says he has to join the duty. Beena asks Suman to stop him. Shravan goes.

Avni asks why did you stay in Suman’s house, I know everything, I want to hear it from you. Shravan says you are misunderstanding, I went there for Veer’s sake, Beena wanted a pg and I had no place, you are still stuck there, Suman and my relation changed, she doesn’t care if I live or die. Avni says you are making us lie. Shravan says hide this for some days, you know how will dad react knowing this. Avni says you live the house right away. He says just one week more, Suman will sign on my medical certificate, then I will go far from here forever. She says fine. Avni says Sophie and everyone went for shopping, they will come back tomorrow. Shravan asks shall I sleep here tonight, I want to sleep in peace in my house for the last time. He gets emotional.

Suman goes to Shravan’s room. She gets in and looks for him. She says where did he go. She calls him and says you didn’t come home. Avni says its me, did you had some work. Suman says no, Beena was asking if he will have dinner. Avni says Beena cares for him a lot, Shravan slept, shall I wake him up. Suman says no problem, good night. Avni goes. Shravan opens eyes. Suman lies to sleep. Ek duje….plays….

Veer asks Shravan to see the pics, the girl is like Suman. Suman says she isn’t like me. Avni says Shravan just loves Suman.