Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 13th July 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Anish and Devika taunt Shravan and say whatever he tries, Suman will not be impressed. Shravan says when Suman is not here, how will she b e impressed. He turns and sees Suman there, makes waiter sit and says he will take his and everyone’s order today. Waiter says he is seeing someone serving him for the first time. Shravan takes everyone’s order. Suman says he is just acting for her forgiveness. Kanchan says at least he is trying genuinely. After classes, Shravan sadly walks out when peon says he knows everything about him and can help him get Suman’s forgiveness. Shravan excitedly asks if he really can. Peon says he will tell his own personal experiment tomorrow and walks away.

In the evening, Shravan meets Bunty and explaining whole incident happened in school says he needs Suman’s forgiveness at any cost. Bunty says he will give him a solid plan. Shravan says he will experiment tomorrow and see if it works. Next morning, Suman sees Damroo wearing new T-shirt and asks who gave it. Damroo says Shravan with an apology. Suman thinks Shravan sent this apology to her. Shravan eagerly waits for her in park hiding and hopes she notices him. Suman jogs and noticing him stops, but ignores and leaves. Back home, she gets Sanjay’s bank letter and hands it over to Dadaji. Dadaji reading letter and asks whom did he take loan from. Vijay joins. Sanjay tensed says from Devraj. Vijay feels disappointed and doesn’t take Sanjay along for doctor’s checkup. He meets doctor who asks him to rest for some more time, but he denies. Devraj meets Brigadier there to take order’s final approval and seeing Vijay waves him, but Vijay ignores and drives his jeep away.

Shravan returns to school where peon suggests him that he should take a risk during laboratory practicals and see if Suman gets worried for him or not. Practicals starts when Anish changes Shravan’s chemical bottle. Shravan notices it and thinks let him see if Suman bothers or not. Suman also notices it but keeps quiet. Anish thinks once Shravan mixes chemicals, bottles will explode. Just when Shravan is about to mix chemicals, teacher stops and scolding him asks Suman to help her buddy. Suman scolds him and he asks when she saw Anish changing chemical, why didn’t she stop him. After class, Suman scolds Anish to stop troubling Shravan and interfering in her issues. Shravan smiles hearing that. Peon informs Shravan that Suman and his blood is B+, so he should make use of it. During class, major Bakshi announces about blood donation camp tomorrow and to bring their families. Shravan gets tensed which Suman notices. He walks out and informs peon that he hates needles. Peon says he preponed blood donation camp just for him, now its up to him to use this opportunity in a better way.

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