Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 20th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Suman saying we thought to tell you the truth before marriage. Beena says your parents will also ask the same, how did you get money, you named the house to Suman. Shravan says love means holding hand in bad times, not good times, how could I see Suman in trouble, I know I should have not hid it from you all, just Suman was my priority, I can’t see tears in her eyes. Ramesh says we understand, but your mum and dad… Shravan says don’t worry, I will convince them. Ramesh says we can’t lie to them, we have to talk to them. Beena says yes, we will go and see guests now. They see Devraj and Kavita at the door. Bunty comes and says everyone is here, guests are waiting for us, come. They leave.

Shravan asks who is writing our story. Suman says you said ups and downs keep coming. He says yes, I told you, but our life can also get easy. She says when we are together. He says then nothing is impossible, our family will understand this, you always explain this to me, both families are mine, you are mine, don’t pay the rent to me. She says you are talking to senior like this. She punishes him to hold her hand forever. He accepts it. They smile. Music plays… He gets close. She says lets walk for some time. He smiles.

Ramesh and Beena talk about the matter. Devraj says I can understand that Shravan named the house to Suman, she will come to this house. Kavita says Suman will come here and the house will be of them. Ramesh says we have to give rent. Beena says why would we give rent to them. Kavita says its not about rent, we have to talk to them. Shravan gets haldi applied. Ragini compliments. Bunty comes to apply haldi. Avni comes. She hugs him. She applies haldi. Bunty says I m also Suman’s friend, I will go and apply haldi to her also. Suman’s haldi goes on. Beena and everyone apply haldi to her. She says we have to take haldi for the groom also. Kanchan asks Bunty and Avni to apply the haldi to Shravan. Bunty says we didn’t apply it to Shravan yet. She asks why. Beena and Ramesh take haldi for Shravan. She says its a rasam, apply some haldi to him. Bunty says you got the haldi, we got the bride here. He calls Suman.

Beena says Bunty, this doesn’t happen in our family. Rajender says Suman has to come to our house. Beena says but guests are waiting there. Bunty says Kanchan will manage it. Shravan and Suman sit for haldi. Suman says don’t say this was Bunty’s plan. Shravan says it was my idea and Bunty’s execution, give my pending kiss. She asks are you mad, just see here. He says I see you, you are sitting close, I m going mad. She asks since when did you start these cheesy lines. Ragini says they are in their murmuring. Kavita applies haldi to them. Devraj, Beena and Ramesh also apply the haldi, followed by others. Bunty showers the flowers on them.

Shravan says we will go and talk once this rasam gets over. Ramesh says we have to talk to you. Devraj says everything will be fine now. Ramesh says Shravan bought the house and named it to Suman, we thought to pay you rent every month. Beena says you would say you will not take the rent, but we have to keep relations. Kavita says you are right, let the children enjoy, we will see later. Shravan comes to them. He says Papa, I have to talk to you. Kavita says don’t worry, everything is fine, just enjoy the marriage. Beena asks Suman to go home, Kanchan is attending guests alone. Suman asks is everything fine. Ramesh says its all good, don’t worry. Suman smiles seeing Shravan and they talk via hearts. Beena says we will leave now. Beena gets upset and says they were ready to ask us the rent. Ragini says good that Ramesh said he will pay rent, else Beena wasn’t going to pay the rent. Devraj says leave it, forget it now.