Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 3rd February 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Suman asking Shravan why didn’t he tell her that he was upset. He says you will find me foolish if I say now, forget the nonsense, I was sad that time, not now, everything gets fine when I see your smile. She hugs him and says you know I had been independent always, I managed things, now I got habitual of you. He says I have a habit to love you in every situation. She smiles. He kisses her. He says you managed well today at the lake, I felt so proud. She says you jumped in the lake, I felt proud of you. He says we shall go in the party now, else we will get late.

They reach the party. Shravan says Bassi will be getting promotion soon. Gujral congratulates them. Bassi asks can we take Shravan with us for some time. Suman says sure. Gujral says Dhua will be coming in some time. Bassi says Shravan is having many achievements. Shravan asks him to get married too. Bassi says I don’t think I can do anything, you choose someone for me, you chose Suman, your choice is excellent. Shravan says lets see. Gujral says I have to go and make arrangements for General Dhua. He goes. Suman says just duty matters for us, I was just doing that, right Sir. She talks to seniors. Gujral comes and says General Dhua is here. He asks Dhua to share his experiences. Dhua says you can learn a lot from seniors, you should have passion to learn, Eklavya had passion in him, trust your instinct, you are successful if you are honest. He congratulates the officers who got promoted. He names Suman as well. Everyone claps.

Shravan signs Suman and smiles. Suman says Major Suman Malhotra. Dhua takes Shravan’s name also. He says he got posting in Bhopal now. Suman sees Shravan and thinks that’s why he was sad. Dhua wishes them all the best. He says there is a special reward for the special officer. He calls Suman and says I m impressed by her smartness and decision making skills, she gets promoted, she will be my personal assistant and the unit incharge. Shravan smiles. Dhua asks are you ready Suman. Suman says yes. Bassi and Saurabh joke. Dhua says Suman handles many things at once, I like this smartness, become my advisor, I will rely on you for many things. Everyone claps for Suman. Shravan stands away and looks on.

Everyone wishes Suman and praises her. She thanks them. She sees Shravan. Shravan smiles. She asks why didn’t you tell me about your posting, I felt glad today. He says you got special now, we can’t compete now. She says say congrats first. Bassi says sorry, I m taking Suman with me. She goes. Shravan says congrats Suman. He goes to drink. He recalls Bassi’s joke. An officer says congratulate Suman, I m impressed by her work, I need your help for my transfer. Shravan asks how can I help. Officer says you are a smart officer, you know how work happens. Shravan thinks he means I should talk to Suman. Officer says you won’t disappoint your CO, right, you decide how you will do this, take care. Bassi comes and says its your success party, celebrate with everyone. Shravan says my leg is paining, you go, I will come. He drinks.