Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 5th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shravan and Suman having a talk on video call. He says I have to throw a party, the reason is you, everyone knows that we are getting married, I have shown your pic to them. She says you didn’t make me meet them. He says I will make you meet them now. He goes to the unit and introduces Suman to the officers. She asks him not to party a lot and take care. He says fine, I have to go for search task also. He goes.

Rajender worries. Ragini comes. He asks you didn’t sleep till now. She says you are worried for Devraj and Shravan’s relation, you couldn’t save our relation, I m glad to see your worry for them. She says the relations will end between the families forever. He says Devraj will leave the house, I don’t know what to do. She asks him to talk to Shravan, maybe he agrees. Rajender calls Shravan. Shravan is dancing in the party. He answers the call. Rajender says I m worried for you, Devraj is going to give you a choice, either Suman or him. Shravan says I won’t leave Suman this time. Rajender asks what about Devraj. Shravan says I will come home and talk to dad.

Beena comes to Ramesh. She asks him to walk a bit after dinner. He asks did you feed papaya to Suman. She says she is sensible, she can take care of herself. He asks what happened now. She says Suman and Shravan are going to marry. He asks her to think what she is saying. Beena says I have heard and seen it, Suman was talking to Rajender and Ragini, Kanchan is helping Suman hide things, I m thinking what’s Kanchan learning from Suman. He says I can’t believe it. She says Shravan’s family will come at the registrar office, Shravan had hidden it from them, I have told everything to Devraj, I was so angry. He says what’s happening, shall we get angry or explain them, what should we do. She says I asked Suman to choose between us or Shravan, if she chooses Shravan, then her relation will end with us, promise me we won’t keep any relation with Suman.

Suman tries a dress. She asks Kanchan isn’t the colour bright. Kanchan says its matching with your bright face. Bunty calls Kanchan. He jokes. Kanchan says I don’t want any problem in the end. He says I manage everything. She asks when should we come at registrar office. He says 12 o’clock.

Suman asks who was it. Kanchan says it was Bunty, he was asking if everything is ready. Suman says Bunty always cares for Shravan, he didn’t change in all these years, he was with Shravan like a shadow, like you are with me, everyone should have such friends. Shravan thinks of Rajender’s words. His friends tease him. Kanchan says Suman, you will have one official marriage and then with family’s consent, I will send you on honeymoon, don’t ask me anything, ask Shravan and ask his choice. Suman asks which pic shall I send him. Shravan and everyone hear an explosion sound. They look around.