Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 8th August 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Shravan asks Damroo if any parcel came. Damroo says its with Kanchan. Shravan thinking he shouldn’t have brought parcel at Suman’s house walks to Kanchan and asks to return his parcel. Kanchan says its a very beautiful dress and whomever he is gifting will like it. He thanks her and says her boyfriend will be very lucky. She jokes why don’t he become his girlfriend. Shravan if she would have told earlier, she would have got a chance. Kanchan asks when is he giving gift. He says at 10 p.m. in his room, they both can peep in via binoculars. Kanchan gets excited. Shravan leaves. Suman acts. Kanchan says Suman is lucky to have such a nice buddy.

Avni with Bunty bring snacks from outside for tonight’s surprise party. Kanchan peeps via binocular into Shravan’s room. She sees Shravan entering his room followed by Avni and Bunty getting snacks and decorating room. Suman also watches and thinks let us see what all her buddy does to convince her. Shravan explains Avni to go down at 9:55 and then Bunty go down at 10:00 p.m. and they both bring family up. Avni goes down and asks Kavita if she had dinner. Kavita says no. Avni says even Shravan bhaiya didn’t have dinner. Kavita says there is a lot of food left for Shravan. Bunty walks down acting worried and says Shravan. They all run to Shravan’s room. Shravan gives Kavita a surprise. Whole family thanks Kavita for keeping the family united. Shravan gifts her dress and makes her cut cake with Love You Mom written on it. Whole family rejoices. Shravan says from now on family will not fight for outsiders and reminds Devraj that his friend’s family is also an outsider. Devraj tells Kavita that her son has grown up. Kavita nods yes. Suman gets emotional seeing this. Kanchan thinks she is sad and says she thought Shravan brought gift for Suman. Suman says she is happy seeing how much Shravan loves his family and reminiscing Shravan telling he loves his mom the most and can do anything for her wipes tears.

Next morning, Daddu gets emotional seeing his martyr son’s photo. Family wishes him and remind him that he joined army this day and discuss that Daddu celebrates his son’s victory day than his army joining day. Family also gets emotional. They ask Daddu if he would invite his old friends even this year. Daddu says this time he will invite special guests, thinking of inviting Shravan’s family and insulting them.

Suman calls Shravan. Shravan asks why is class canceled. Suman says because of Daddu. He asks if its Daddu’s birthday, they would have celebrated. Suman says its Daddu’s army joining day. Shravan calculates in howmany years he became brigadier, etc. Suman invites him to meet her in the evening. He asks reason. She says she will meet him and inform directly. Shravan gets excited.

Precap: Daddu insults Devraj for calling Vijay to his home and getting insulted by Rajender and says he is fit for nothing and unfit for his son’s friendship.
Beena hears their conversation standing near window. Shravan tells Sman that they will be best friends like their fathers.

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