Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Agastya laughs. Mira is angry, she hits him. He says you can’t do anything. You lost again. She asks her goons to hit him till he faints. They hit Agastya. Tara tries to wake up Pakhi. Agastya says she fell asleep in the hall. I think she’s fine. Pakhi wakes up. She says my head hurts. Pakhi says why are you all so worried. Tara says the temple was on fire. Pakhi asks her to go out of the house with Samir. She says she has asthma. Mona says you rest, we will take care of her. Samir takes Tara outside. Pakhi asks Agastya what happened.

Mona sees dadi’s photo on the floor. She picks it. Mona says it fell on the candle and it set fire. Is this a sign of something? Is mom trying to warn us? Naveli says what are you saying? Mona says feels like something is wrong. Pakhi also said there’s something behind mom’s death. Naveli says please relax. Pakhi asks Agastya how does she not remember anything. We had a drink and then I fell asleep. He says you’re not used to drinking. Pakhi says I blacked out. He gives her medicine. Pakhi hugs him.

Scene 2
Pakhi says I need to get dadi’s photo fixed. He says to give it to a servant. She says no I will get it fixed. Pakhi gets dadi’s photos fixed. Fake Agastya tells Mira what happened. He says I am planning a trip with Pakhi but that Tara will come with us. Mira says I will say I will take care of Tara. Pakhi comes to the hospital. The doctor says we found drugs in your blood. Someone gave a pill to you. Pakhi wonders why did Agastya give her a drug? She says why do I feel this way? Maybe I ate it somewhere else. But I didn’t eat anything. Her conscience says Agastya has done wrong things. He might be taking revenge. Pakhi feels weird. Pakhi says Agastya loves me a lot but he can do anything wrong too. Pakhi no.. She cries. Pakhi says what is happening?

Agastya runs after Tara and plays with her. Mona says your idea is perfect. Tara and Pakhi really need vacation. It’s good for all of us. Tara says when will we go? Pakhi says we are not going anywhere. Tara says why? Agastya says but.. She says we can’t go. Tara says I wanna go. Pakhi says we will go after a few days. Tomorrow is janmashtami. Dadi used to do it everywhere. We should do pooja for her. Mona says Pakhi is right.

Scene 3
Agastya says to Yug I won’t ask you for anything. I don’t even hate you. I feel bad for you. I know there’s a human in you. Mira’s men come.
Pakhi thinks about Agastya. She says is the old Agastya back? Is he trying to take revenge for keeping Agastyta away from Tara? No, I won’t repeat my mistake. Prema calls Pakhi. Pakhi says I can’t hear you. How is Tara? She gets distortion in line when she comes near the noise. Pakhi looks around. She finds the camera. Mira’s men wonder if she found the camera. The screen goes off. Yug says sorry I stepped on it. Pakhi finds the camera. She acts like she’s seen nothing. The goons say she didn’t see it.

Fake Agastya comes to Pakhi and says we will go on a trip after janmashtami. Pakhi says to Mona we need to get things for the pooja. She says to Mira can we end the tuition? Tara needs to go to market. Pakhi asks the maid to clean the house. She says I am sure there are more cameras.

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