Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st July 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pakhi cooks for her family. She says I thought I should cook for one last time. Prema says why are you saying that? You’re only going for a few days. Samir says come sit. Pakhi says wait I will serve you first. She makes Samir eat. Agastya says to dadi Pakhi will get shy. I want you all to eat with her. Then we will spend our date night and she will give me my surprise. Naveli says done. Samir says to Prema Pakhi made a better halwa than you. I will go to her house to eat halwa from her hands. Pakhi says Agastya is here. She hugs everyone. Pakhi is emotional. Pakhi cries while leaving. She cries outside the house and recalls moments with her family. She locks the door.

Agastya waits for Pakhi. He keeps calling her but her number is off. Dadi asks him to call Shanaya. Agastya calls Shanaya. He asks is Pakhi there? Shanaya says she’s with you. Agastya says that she’s not here. We’re all waiting for her here. Shanaya says she said you’re here to pick her up. Agastya says she said Samir will drop her off. She asked me not to come there. They’re confused. Mona says servants found this letter outside. Agastya reads. Pakhi wrote I was always with you, trusted you but you made fun of my trust. I stood by you and you got my sister attacked and then pretended to save her? So you can act great. I heard you and Anand talking to that goon that day. Agastya is shocked. I thought you’d changed. But you can never change. Once a monster always a monster. Agastya cries.

Scene 2
Pakhi is on her way. She says I can’t give you a chance to clarify yourself and fool me again. I want to keep this child away from even your shadow. This is the best for him. I’ve to go away. Pakhi wrote, I know you will be hurt after I leave but I will also learn to live away from you. I also loved you. I am going away from my family because of you. Agastya cries. Pakhi wrote, I am going far away and no one knows. If you ever loved me, please stay away from my family and don’t harm them. All things you transferred in my name I have transferred it back. Don’t try to look for me. The letter burns with the candle. Agastya cries. Naveli and dadi try to control him. Pakhi cries in the car. Mona sees property transfer papers. Agastya throws them too. He says Pakhi has left. I can’t leave her alone. I have to find her. Bring my keys.

Ishaan comes to Pakhi’s house, he says you should be with me Pakhi. You’ve suffered enough because of Pakhi. He looks at her photos. Agastya comes. He asks where is Pakhi? Ishaan says what do you mean? Agastya looks around. He sees Samir and Prema crying. Samir says Agastya sees Pakhi’s letter. She wrote she’s leaving us all forever. Ishaan says what did you do Pakhi, this was never the plan. I had to start a new life with you. Samir reads I will be starting a new life. These are my bank details. All my money is yours, use it for Shanaya’s education. Samir says what did you do now Agastya that she left all of us. Agastya says she had a confusion that I got Shanaya attacked. Samir says why are you all confused related to you only? It was a curse that you came into her life. What do I do now? I will never see her again. Agastya says I am shocked myself. Samir says I don’t trust you. Agastya says I will find Pakhi. I will find her. Samir also goes out to look for her. Shanaya cries.

Scene 3
Agastya is in her car. Pakhi cries and says you’ve left me with no other option. This is the best for my child that I go far away from you. I know everyone will be hurt. But I’ve to protect my child. I will cross any limit to protect my child. Agastya calls the police and says to find Pakhi. I can’t lose her. His car breaks down. Agastya is frustrated. Pakhi says I will take my child to a place where you don’t exist. I will protect my child. Agastya cries. He recalls his moments with Pakhi. Agastya screams Pakhi. Pakhi arrives at the airport. She cries.

Precap-After years, Pakhi is with her daughter. She becomes modern and doesn’t wear mangalsutra. Agastya lives his life focused on work.

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