Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pakhi says what are you doing here? Mira says sir got this ring for you. He was trying to plan a surprise for you.. Agastya says madam is right. He makes her wear the ring and says happy anniversary. Mira takes their photo. Pakhi says isn’t she weird. Agastya says don’t worry. She’s over-friendly. Pakhi says why is she talking about her personal life. Agastya says let’s enjoy our day. Agastya hugs her. Mira teaches Tara a poem. She says did you plan anything for your parents? Tara says no. Mira says I have a plan.

Tara sees Pakhi and Agastya’s wedding video. She says mama looks so pretty. She says we will get papa and mama married again. Pakhi says, idiot. She says I wasn’t there. I want to see your wedding. Pakhi says so we keep marrying? She says once, please. Tara says papa, please. Agastya says I don’t mind. Dadi says it’s a good idea. Let’s do it. We will celebrate it. Tara says yay.

Scene 2
The wedding functions start. Pakhi’s family comes too. They start the pooja. Agastya and Pakhi do the pooja. The candle gets blown. Agastya says it’s fine. Dadi gets worried that it’s a bad omen. Pakhi gets worried too. Mira drags real Agastya. Pakhi starts the pooja. The arti falls from Pakhi’s hand. Tara collides with her. She says sorry. Pakhi says it’s okay. Mira gives Agastya food.

At night, dadi asks Pakhi you look worried. Pakhi says what happened in the pooja made me worried. Dadi thinks about what Pandit ji said. Pakhi says are you worried too? dadi says no I am fine. You should sleep.

Scene 3
The Haldi starts. Agastya dances with everyone. Tara says mama papa look so good. They all dance. Prema comes. She makes Pakhi wear bangles. The wedding starts. Pakhi’s hand gets cut from her bangle. She says maa Agastya’s name got cut. Mira cuts Agastya’s hand. Pakhi says something doesn’t feel right. She sees Agastya dancing. Prema says don’t worry. Mira says to Agastya your Pakhi will be married to someone else. She cuts his hand. Agastya says I will never let that happen. I will never let you succeed. Mira hit Agastya on the head in the store and said nice to meet your mom again? You thought I will let you go? I planned for 6 years. I got this man’s plastic surgery done and now he looks exactly like you. Agastya fainted. Mira says he looks just like you. I will Raichand empire mine. Mira says my fake Agastya will marry Pakhi and get me everything.

The fake Agastya asks Pakhi if he should call the doctor. Mira says he’s gotten so close to your family. Soon he will take everything from you and give it to me then I will give him Pakhi. It’s a win-win situation. Pakhi cleans her hand. She is worried.

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