Gathbandhan 31st October 2019 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Fake Mai asks Dhanak to listen to her and get lost from this house otherwise I will kill Mai. Dhanak says don’t even think about it, if you hurt her then I will kill you, I know she is a pawn for you so you will not do it, she is your reason to live so you are not going to do anything to her and I promise to find her. Fake Mai says then I promise to make you lose, she leaves. Dhanak thinks that I will find her.

Akshay is on call and says Dhanak is not leaving the house, our plan failed, keep doing what you are doing. Raghu comes there and says someone is involved with you? What are you planning? Akshay says I won’t tell, you are a dog. Raghu punches him, they start fighting and beat each other. Dhanak comes there and stops Raghu. Raghu says I won’t spare him,

he is doing all this. Akshay says yes, you planned to leave this house so I was arranging a house for you so I was telling my friend that the plan was canceled and you won’t need a flat now. Raghu grabs him but Dhanak says enough, you don’t understand who is your enemy, yesterday Mai was praising Saku for something, Saku says I was just giving her the medicine. Fake Mai asks Dhanak to leave. Dhanak says no. Raghu says why not? you don’t care about us so there is no need to stay here, he leaves. Dhanak says sorry to Akshay and leaves. Akshay thinks she cares for me.

Scene 2
Dhanak doesn’t find Ronak in his room and goes to search for him. Ronak is hiding from the gun that fake Mai is pointing. Dhanak rushes to him but Raghu stops her and says we were playing. Raghu shows her the gun and says it’s a toy only, you doubted Mai to hurt Ronak? Dhanak says I am not thinking wrong. Ronak says you both are fighting. Dhanak says I am sorry. Raghu says we won’t fight and will be a happy family. Ronak hugs them. Raghu thinks don’t know what happened to Dhanak. Raghu leaves with Ronak. Fake Mai smirks at Dhanak. Dhanak thinks that I have to do something before she hurts anyone.

In the morning, Dhanak is doing pooja of Savitri Mai. Raghu comes there and asks what are you doing? Dhanak says I am repenting my mistakes. All look on. She says I did a lot of bad with Mai but she is my elder and I will respect her, she says let’s start a new start, we will not fight from now on. Saku thinks what happened to her in a night. Dhanak touches Mai’s feet and thinks that I will grab your neck soon. Fake Mai thinks what she is upto? She forcefully blesses her.

PRECAP- Dhanak makes breakfast for fake Mai and whispers that be careful, it might kill you. Mai says I am not eating this, she might have mixed something. Dhanak eats it and says see nothing happened to me. Raghu asks Mai to not doubt too much.