Gathbandhan 8th February 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Dhanak. She apologizes to Raghu. They both resumed their friendship.
While Raghu is putting up the flag, Mahendra prepares Raghu’s sketch. Raghu finds Mandredra preparing some sketch. He gets furious.
Mahendra confirms the sketch. Dhanak takes the sketch and shows it to Raghu. She wants Raghu to help her with finding them. Raghu finds the sketch is changed. Aslam, the sketch artist, hugs Raghu and tells him about changing the sketch. Raghu once helped the sketch artist.
Sakku tells Savitri about Raghu’s affair with Dhanak. Raghu confirms that he is in love. Savitri infuriates with anger. Raghu calms her down tells her that she was joking.
Raghu helps Dhanak to find an auto.
He escorts her to the destination. Savitri and Sakku chase them. Savitri is filled with anger. Raghu eats Dhanak’s food. Savitri couldn’t bare their sight.
Raghu falls into trouble. Raghu tries to avoid the fight, but Dhanak comes out in his protection.
Raghu learns that Dhanak is IPS trained.
Mahendra learns that Savitri’s son saved his life. He wants to return to Gujrat, but Nani tells him about his bankruptcy.
Raghu gets traumatized to learn that Dhanak will soon become IPS. He gets heartbroken. He collects himself and decides to find a way.
Precap: Savitri plans to hurt Dhanak, but slips into it. Dhanak rushes to save Savitri’s life.

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