GHKKPM: Virat Sayi Pakhi’s honeymoon trip and new controversy

Virat Sayi and Pakhi’s honeymoon creates a new dispute
In the upcoming twist of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, a lot more will happen in Virat, Sayi and Pakhi’s life.

Pakhi has to visit Nagpur for some work and Bhavani compels Virat to accompany her.
Virat agrees and Pakhi starts making her plans to spend some special time with Virat after a very long time.

Pakhi thinks to mend her broken chords of love with Virat.
However, when Pakhi and Virat turn to head for their trip, Sayi also comes with her bag.
Virat shocking Pakhi and Bhavani reveals that Sayi will also come with him and this pisses off Pakhi to the core.
Pakhi turns to spoil Virat and Sayi’s trip
Pakhi burns in anger and questions Virat as if he made this trip a honeymoon trip for him and Sayi.

Sayi gets upset and Virat gets confused with Pakhi’s such question.
However, what’s more, interesting is that Virat, Sayi and Pakhi’s this honeymoon trip will give a blow to a new controversy.

Credit – Serial Gossip