Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 10th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Savi gets ready for picnic. Virat says his princess is looking like an angel and says let us go. Savi asks how will they go on a picnic with aayi/Sai and asks Sai if she will not accompany them. Virat says Sai will not and asks her to celebrate her birthday with her father, Vinu, and school friends and let Sai study her course. Savi holds Sai’s hand and requests her to accompany them. Sai looking at Virat’s face frees her hand. Virat takes Savi out. Jagtap waits outside. Savi asks if he didn’t go yet. Virat says Jagtap is Savi’s friend and will go only after talking ot her. Jagtap tells Virat that he is still the same and hasn’t changed, he thinks what Sai and Pakhi saw in him that they fell for him, he doesn’t deserve them both. He greets bye to Savi and leaves. Virat frowns in anger.

Pakhi offers juice to Vinayak. Vinayak refuses to have it missing Savi. Savi joins him, and he happily shares juice with her. Sai feels sad. Usha says its good that Sai let Savi go with her baba as Savi was missing her baba during her each birthday day. Sai says she was happy with Savi, but Virat suddenly entered their lives and is taking Savi away, Savi is being wrong in all this and she can’t tolerate it. She picks fried modak plate and says Savi didn’t have modaks, her birthday is incomplete without it. Pakhi thinks the lifespan of her happiness is always very short. She asks Savi if her mother didn’t accompany her. Savi says she didn’t as she had some important work. Virat asks her not to get sad as they will enjoy a lot and not let her miss her mother. He informs about Savi’s birthday today. Vinu asks why didn’t she inform him about her birthday. Savi says her mother didn’t remind her. Virat says its okay if her mother didn’t inform him.

Usha tells Sai that she should have informed Virat about her Savi’s birthday, they would have celebrated it together then. Sai says she remembers every important date according to horoscope, don’t she remember what is today. Usha asks what. Virat, Pakhi, and Vinu sing a happy birthday song to Savi and plan to celebrate it at picnic. They reach school. Pakhi gifts her birthday stash and angel wings and says she is looking very cute in it. Virat feels happy and thanks her. Pakhi says let us take selfie. Virat clicks selfie and uploads it in family group. Ninad checks pic and informs Ashwini its Savi’s birthday. Ashwini feels excited and says she didn’t know about her granddaughter’s birthday. Ninad video calls Virat and asks why didn’t he inform them about their granddaughter’s birthday. Virat says even he found out just today and asks them to wish their granddaughter now. Sonali peeps into mobile. Ashwini and Ninad wish Savi happy birthday and ask Virat ro bring Sai home to celebrate her birthday. Pakhi says they will in the evening and disconnects call. Sonali says Sai was missing in the video. Bhavani says its Sai’s usual drama, she will barge in somehow later.

Pakhi clicks Savi’s pics. Virat wishes if they could have birthday cake. Pakhi says she ordered it already from their regularly cake shop and it would reach in some time. Virat thanks her and says he, Vinu, and Savi are very happy today because of her. Savi thanks Virat for celerbating her birthday in a special way and says her birthday is incomplete without Sai’s fried modak and she is missing Sai. Vinu says even he is missing Sai. Virat asks if they are not happy when their baba is with them. Teacher walks in and asks if they are ready for a picnic. Ninad excitedly calls caterers and orders to decorate house for his granddaughter’s birthday celebration but then cancels. Ashwini says they will celebrate their granddaughter’s birthday for sure. Ninad says even he wants to but fears that Sai will also visit with Savi and Pakhi will feel bad seeing Sai, he doesn’t want any issues in Pakhi and Virat’s lives again. Ashwini says she will seek permission from Pakhi. Ninad gets a call back from decoraters and caterers and confirms booking.

Savi enjoys traveling with Virat and other kids in school bus towards picnic spot. Driver stops bus and says someone is standing in front of the bus. They notice Sai standing holding balloons. Savi runs to her happily and asks if she will not go to work today. Sai says no and offers her fried modak. Virat and Pakhi feel jealous seeing them. Pakhi comments she knew Sai woould ruin her happiness and says welcome back my husband’s ex.

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