Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 16th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Pakhi, Virat, and other family members requesting Vinayak to open the door. Vinayak thinks about Virat trying to change his opinion about Sai. Bhavani comes there and asks what happened. Pakhi says Virat may talk about Sai to Vinayak that’s why he may be locked himself in the room. Bhavani asks her to stop blaming Virat. Virat asks Vinayak to share his problem with him. Vinayak says he has a problem when he talks about Sai. Pakhi says did you hear it? I’m not accusing Virat. Everyone requests Vinu to open the door. Vinayak says he will open the door if Virat gives his word. Virat asks what he wants. Vinayak says first promise that you will fulfill my demand. Virat looks on. Pakhi insists him accept Vinu’s demand. Virat agrees and asks Vinu to open the door. Vinu opens the door. Pakhi hugs him.

Virat questions Vinu about why he is trying to blackmail him emotionally and what happened to him. Vinayak says I don’t know what happened to me but promise me that you will never let Sai take me away from my mother and this house. Everyone looks on. Savi eats modak and asks Sai to taste them too. She says Virat loves them. Sai recalls her past moment. Savi asks Sai to not worry and says Vinu will set up soon. She takes Sai out and shows her the nameplate. Sai says it’s good but how you placed it on the wall. Savi says dad placed it and Vinayak may come here anytime so don’t worry. Sai thinks about how Virat will clear misconceptions from Vinayak’s heart about her.

Vinayak asks Virat to promise him. Virat promises him. Vinayak thanks him and hugs him happily. Pakhi joins the hug. Later Virat gets ready for his duty. He receives Sai’s call. Sai asks why he called her. Virat says he didn’t and asks if she wants to tell him something. Sai says no and asks if he wants to tell her something. Virat says he has to talk something to her. He cuts the call. Pakhi back hugs Virat and thanks him. Virat asks for what. Pakhi says for making the promise to Vinayak. She says she is feeling happy with his promise. She asks if can they shift to Mumbai so everyone can live peacefully. Virat says I promised to assure Vinayak but I am not going to accept the promotion. Pakhi gets shocked and asks why he is rejecting the good offer. Virat says he can’t go away from the entire family and it’s good for Vinayak to grow up in the family. Pakhi says it’s not good for Sai too. Virat says Sai will decide for her but I decided for my son and it’s final. He leaves.

Sai returns home. Usha tells her they have to pay the rent for 2 months and the house’s ration is about to end. Sai says she will settle everything and we may shift to Mumbai too. Savi comes there and asks Sai to feel relaxed placing her feet on warm water. Sai feels relaxed. Savi asks why Vinayak is angry with you as he messaged that he won’t come here but don’t worry you and Virat can handle him as dad is not accepting promotion. Sai thinks about why he is not accepting the promotion. Sai receives an emergency call from the hospital. She leaves in hurry. Some ladies come home and tell Usha about the saree sale. Usha goes with them to purchase a saree for Sai.

Bhavani visits Sai’s house. Savi calls her by her name. Bhavani tells her she can call grand aunt like Vinayak call her. Savi says you changed. Bhavani asks if won’t she invite her inside. Savi says no one is at the house. Bhavani says she came to meet her. They go inside. Bhavani tells Savi that she is reminding herself. Savi says great. Bhavani tells Savi that she came to talk about some secret to her. Savi asks what secret. Bhavani says this is a secret that Vinayak didn’t know and you have to know this secret so promise me that you don’t tell this secret to anyone. Savi looks on.

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