Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 1st December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pakhi nervously tells Virat that he must be thinking that she has problems with everything, but she doesn’t and just that.. Virat asks her not to worry as he will reject the offer. Pakhi happily hugs and thanks him. She then gets conscious and walks away. Ashwini walks in and ays she came to tell him same, its good he and Pakhi took a decision together. Pakhi gets ready for a job interview and asks Usha to feed her sweet curd. Usha asks if she is accepting commissioner’s offer. Sai says she will reject it and is going for another interview. Virat meets his injured squad. Constable Mohite thanks Virat for saving his life and says his daughter wants to meet him once. Virat says he can’t reject any daugher’s demand and asks team to rest now. Team salutes him.

Sai heads towards commissioner’s office recalling his offer and how she and Virat rescued police squad. Pakhi thanks Ashwini for making her realize that she is Virat’s wife and explaining her not to waste her time on unnecessary topics and concentrate on her relationship ith Virat. She also apologizes for arguing with her earlier. Ashwini says forget it. Pakhi says she is not worried about Vinu’s school now and has decided to watch a movie at home with Vinu and Virat tonight. Ashwini mocks Bhavani and says masta masta. They both laugh.

Sai and Virat wait at commissioner’s office. Constable Mohite’s daughter Roopa walks to Virat and thanks him for saving her father. Virat says he performed his duty. Roopa says she lost her mother in childhood and her baba is her everything. Virat says Sai is the one who saved her baba. Roopa touches Sai’s feet and thanks her. Sai says she is a doctor and just performed her duty. Roopa shows her school certficate and says her baba wants her to become a doctor and once she becomes a doctor, she will ask her baba to retire. Sai recalls her Aaba dreaming of fulling her wish of becoming a doctor and cheers up Roopa. Constable informs Virat and Sai that commissioner sir called them in.

Sai and Virat walk into commissioner’s cabin. Commissioner asks their decision regarding working together. Virat says his answer should be no knowing the consequences in his personal life, but will say yes as his uniform is his life and responsibility. He boasts that he always prioritize his duty over his personal life which affected his personal life earlier, but he doesn’t regret it. He says including Dr. Sai Joshi in their department would be beneficial for their department, it should be Sai’s decision now. Sai says he is acting like typical Virat chavan who is acting great by saying yes and tryig to put the blame on her if she says no. Virat says he is not blaming her, she is free to walk out. Sai says she will say yes as she lost her Aaba in a similar accident due to excessive blood loss, it would be a tribute to her Aaba if she saves other police officers’ lives.

Commissioner says he knew they both would agree as they both are same. He says he already signed Sai’s appointment letter and asks Virat to sign it. Virat is about to sign the letter when Pakhi calls him. Pakhi waits for Virat to pick her call. Bhavani asks if she convinced Virat to reject commissioner’s offer. Pakhi says yes and he agreed. Sonali asks if she believed Virat and chuckles. Pakhi says her husband never lies, Virat Chavan means pakki zuban who never backs off from his promise. Virat signs Sai’s appointment letter, hands it over to her, and welcomes her to the team.

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