Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 20th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Sai trying to leave the tent but Vinayak who’s sleeping holds Sai’s hand. Sai sleeps beside him. Pakhi thinks Virat might arrange a pizza party for me. She regrets coming late. She goes out and notices Virat and Vinayak sleeping along with Sai and Savi. Pakhi stands in tears. Virat gets the same dream as Sai calling him to live with her and their kids. Virat wakes up and feels happy seeing his family. The alarm tone disturbs him. He realises it’s morning and thinks if Pakhi noticed them. He feels bad for disappointing Pakhi.

Virat goes to his room and notices Pakhi getting ready. Virat tells her he waited for her last night and decorated their room. Pakhi says I saw the decorations in the room then I came outside to notice if you arrange any other surprise for me but I got shocked seeing you guys sleeping in a tent. Virat apologizes to Pakhi. He says they slept after the pizza party and asks why she didn’t wake him up. Pakhi says the mistake is mine. Virat says I want to talk to you. He says he is happy with his kids. Virat requests Pakhi not to snatch his happiness from him and let things go as they are. Pakhi asks if he will not ask Sai to go from their house. Virat says no. Pakhi says ok, I will not ask you to make Sai leave the house. Virat happily hugs her and thanks her for solving the problem. He says let’s celebrate. He asks if they can go on a dinner date. Pakhi says some other time as today I’m busy. She asks if he wants to drink tea. Virat agrees.

Pakhi takes the lift of Virat. Sai says she is late on the inspection day because of the strike. Virat says it’s good you took my help. Sai hopes other Doctors Satya doesn’t intervene in her work. Sai says Dr. Satya is a fool and he is a big flirt. Sai says let’s leave about him. The car gets halted. Virat says the car is not working. Sai says the hospital is near and will go after shopping for Gudi padwa. She leaves. Virat starts the car and it gets started. He notices Sai forgot her phone and goes to give her.

Satya with his mother Amba Bhai goes to the market for gudi padwa festival shopping. They bargain to buy things. Shop keeper asks them to take free. Amba says im Amba bhai who is the owner of Lavanya masalas and can buy this shop so don’t dare to mock us. Satya asks him to leave the shopkeeper. Sai comes to the same shop. Satya meets Sai there. He introduces her to his mother. Amba asks Sai if she stays with her parents. Sai says she is alone and her parents are expired. Amba sees Satya with a smile. Amba asks Sai if she is not married as is not wearing a sindhoor and mangal sutra. Satya stops her and says Sai is married and has kids. He asks her to stop dreaming about his marriage.

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