Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 25th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Virat tells Pakhi that his both children want to study in a same school and nothing is important to them than this, they don’t have much friends in old school, so Pakhi should let them study together. Bhavani says he should accept Pakhi’s decision. Virat says Pakhi’s demand doesn’t have any logic. Pakhi says Virat can’t find logic anything, why is he forcing his son to shift from a good school to an average school, she is Vinu’s mother and he can’t take decision alone, she will not let him play with her son’s future. He says he is getting Vinu admitted in his school, doen’t he think better for his son as a father, even Sai there warned him not to take decisions for Savi. Pakhi warns him not to compare her with Sai. Virat says he doesn’t want to and walks away saying Vinu will study in hi selected school and Pakhi can do whatever she wants to.

Mohit notices Karishma getting her boyfriend’s message and once she goes aside tries to check her mobile. Karishma returns and confronts him for trying to check his mobile. Mohit says he was searching his mobile via her mobile. She notices his mobile on bed and warns him to stop interfering in her privacy. Mohit asks where is question of privacy between husband and wife and reminds how well they used to stay together before. Karishma continues to argue and accuse him. Mohit reveals that he saw her hugging a biker and warns her to stop her heinous act before someone notices her. Karishma denies allegation and continues to argue with him. Mohit levels. Her boyfriend’s message continues to pop in.

Sai tries to cheer up Savi by showing her new bag, books, and other stuff. Savi continues to sit silently. Sai asks her to smile a bit. Vinayak calls Savi and shows her form and reveals that Virat is getting his admission in Savi’s school. Savi is overjoyed hearing that while Sai gets serious. Pakhi asks Ashwini and Ninad if they think Virat’s decision is right. Ashwini says there is nothing wrong in it. Pakhi says Virat is ignoring Vinu after Savi’s entry. Ashwini says its not like that. Ninad says they all love Vinu and are happy with Savi’s entry in their lives. Sai questions Vinu if Virat himself brought the application form. Vinayak says yes.

Pakhi confronts Ashwini and Ninad that they are differentiating between their own blood Savi and adopted child Vinayak. Ashwini says she is thinking wrong. Pakhi says Virat is forcefully changing Vinayak’s school in the middle of the year just to entertain Savi and they are supporting him, they considered Sai as villain just a few days ago and now consider her as a hero and Ashwini even offered her pendant. Ashwini says why shouldn’t she felicitate a woman who treated Vinu and made him walk again, Savi even after being homeschooled impressed principal with her knowledge and Sai must have thought well before taking a decision of getting Savi admitted to a different school, so Pakhi should stop thinking wrong and ruin her mental peace. Pakhi says Virat is getting Vinu admitted to a normal school. Ninad says all children of this house studied in that school and she is questioning his upbringing and decision if she is questioning Virat’s decisions, now its up to you and Virat to talk and take decisions themselves.

Pakhi vents out her frustration on her employee over a call. Virat hears her and apologizes her for not consulting her before taking Vinu’s education decision and comparing her to Sai. He says his school is good and Sai selected it for Savi after much thought. Pakhi shouts to stop talking about Vinu. Virat says he is not and talking about Vinu. Pakhi says changing Vinu’s school in the middle of the academic year would adversely affect Vinu’s education, she brought up Vinu alone till now and chose that school after much research. Virat repeats again that the school he studies. Pakhi says if he knows about his school from the beginning, why didn’t he think about it earlier and why now suddenly after Sai is sending Savi to that school.

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